Indiana University Bloomington

Spring 2007 Colloquia

Except as noted, all presentations are in GY143 at 4:00 p.m., with refreshments served in the lobby at 3:30 p.m.

Monday, February 5
James Coleman, USGS
"Oil and Gas Resources Underlying the U. S. Portions of the Great Lakes"

Monday, February 12
Kathy Nagy, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Reflected X-rays Reveal a New View of How Cations and Natural Organics Sorb on Mica"

Monday, February 19
Randy Keller, University of Oklahoma
Tudor Lecture: "Continental Rifts: Integrated Geophysical Studies and Tectonic Implications"

Monday, February 26
Sally Letsinger, Indiana Geological Survey
"Integrating GIS, spatial analysis, and hydrologic modeling"

Monday, March 5
Darryl Granger, Purdue University
"Steady-state landscapes and the timescale of erosion response"

Monday, March 12
Spring Break - No Colloquium Scheduled

Monday, March 19
Brandon Dugan, Rice University
"Gulf of Mexico Hydrogeology: Insights from IODP Expedition 308"

Monday, March 26
Joan Bernhard, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
"Life in laminated sediments: Metazoans and protists living in steep redox boundaries and their possible effects on pore-water processes & the geologic record"

Monday, April 2
No colloquium scheduled - AAPG Meeting

Monday, April 9
Mihaela Glamoclija, Indiana University
"Life Signatures in Hydrothermal Environments: Terrestrial Analogues for Martian Habitats"

Monday, April 16
Stephen Creaney, ExxonMobil Exploration Company
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer: "Global Petroleum Evaluation -- The Role of Integrated Regional Analysis"

Monday, April 23

Monday, April 30
René Therrien, Université Laval
"Application of a 3D numerical model to investigate fluid flow and isotope transport model in vein fields : combining hydrogeology and economic geology"