Indiana University Bloomington

Spring 2008 Colloquia

January 14

Juergen Schieber, Indiana University
Colloquia Organization and a Talk on Shales

January 28

Aileen Yingst, UWisc Green Bay
Geology Without the Rocks: Conducting Field Work on One Planet When You're Stuck On Another.

February 7

Michael Peacoc, AAPG lecturer
Athabasca Oil Sands: Understanding the Oil Sands from the Regional Scale to the Project Scale, Kearl. - A Case History

February 11

Eric Calais, Purdue University
The East African Rift: Present-Day Kinematics and Current Rifting Events

February 18

Paul Hoffman, Harvard, Double Treat
Brownbag: Cap carbonates: Signatures of snowball Earth?
Colloquium: The Pleistocene glacial controversy and discovery of the greenhouse effect and the dynamic lithosphere

February 25

Dibyendu Sarkar, UT San Antonio
Arsenic in Urban Environment: A Promising Remedial Alternative to an Emerging Public Health Issue

March 3

Laura Crossey, U. New Mexico
"Continental Smokers"

March 17

Jeanette Pope, DePauw University

March 24

Gary Parker, UIUC
Cyclic steps from the high mountains to the bottom of the ocean: a universal morphology of rivers and turbidity currents

April 7

Stephen Mojzsis, U. Colorado
A glimpse into the nature of the Hadean Earth from the chemistry of pre-3.9 billion year old zircons

April 14

Bob Downs, U. Arizona
Compression Mechanisms of Minerals

April 21

Michael Brudzinski, Miami U., Ohio
Bump and Grind: The Hazards of Plates that Want to Get Down

April 28

Bill Dietrich, UC Berkeley
Is there a topographic signature of life?"