Advisory Board

John B. Patton established an Alumni Council for the Department in 1966. Robert R. Shrock was an early chair. Beginning in 1992 members were permitted who were not alumni, and the name was changed to the Advisory Board. The Board’s by-laws now state the purposes of the Board to be: to advise and aid the Department chair and faculty on long-range planning, policy and program development; to assist in resource development for the Department and to promote relationships between the Department, its alumni, and organizations and individuals outside the University.

Advisory Board 2013
Advisory Board, Department of Geological Sciences, 2014-15

The Board has organized various forums on geoscience employment for students and has also tried to aid the Department by applying pressure to the College and University when inter-department and inter-School issues have come up. Board members also organize (and sometimes sponsor) alumni gatherings in locations such as Houston, Denver, Indianapolis, and the San Francisco area. Beginning in 1995, at the urging of Board members Malcolm Boyce, Dan Tudor, Stanley Anderson, and Department Chair Lee Suttner, the Board spearheaded a successful five-year campaign to increase the Department's endowments. These and other gifts have helped to establish two named Chairs and two named Professorships in addition to funding several graduate fellowships.

The Board typically meets on the Bloomington campus in early October each year. The next meeting of the Board will be held on October 22-23, 2015. Members serve 3-year terms, and the current membership is given below. Issues that need to be brought before the Board should be addressed to Lisa Pratt, Chair of the Department of Geological Sciences.

Current Board Members

John N. Bubb
Retired, ExxonMobil

Craig Davis
President, INEXS

Joel Degenstein
Geologic Advisor, EP Energy

Katherine H. Freeman
Professor of Geosciences
Associate Head of Graduate Programs and Research, Pennsylvania State University

Jay Jackson
Geoscience Manager, Africa/Asia Pacific/ Middle East
ExxonMobil Production Company

Robert G. Jones
Executive Director
Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association

Michael C. Mound
IMA Engineering

Jeffrey S. Oslund
Manager, Geoscience Career Development and Recruiting
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Mary Parke
Manager, Integrated Water Services Layne Christensen Corporation

Kenneth D. Ridgway
Professor, Purdue University

Tom Skirvin
Chief Geologist Rincon Energy, LLC

John C. Steinmetz
Director and State Geologist
Indiana Geological Survey

Thomas Straw
Western Michigan University (Retired)

Stephen G. Wells
President and Researh Professor
Desert Research Institute

Emeritus Members

Derek G. Fullerton
President, Derton Consulting LLC

Michael J. Graham
President, Bechtel
Environmental Restoration Program

Stephan A. Graham
Professor, Stanford University

Glen B. Hieshima
Strategic Planning Advisor Americas Region
ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Mark S. Leonard
President, Leonard Exploration, Inc.
COO, Global Deepwater Partners

Jayne L. Sieverding
Organizational Capability Manager, Earth Sciences
Chevron Energy Technology Company

Kenneth R. Vance
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Honorary Life Member

Stanley Anderson
Houston Exploration Company