Indiana University Bloomington

Adjunct Faculty, Emeriti, and Visiting Scholars

Brian Keith, Adjunct, Indiana Geological Survey; Research is focused on defining the long-term controls on Paleozoic carbonate facies and the application of sequence-stratigraphy concepts to interior cratonic basins. Special emphasis is on defining the occurrences of potential petroleum reservoirs within the basin.

Maria Mastalerz, Adjunct, Indiana Geological Survey; Research is in coal geology and organic petrology-chemistry. She has been involved in research on coal basins in Poland, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. Currently the Illinois Basin is her primary field area, with research concentrating on coal properties, coal utilization, and coalbed gas potential. She is also involved in studies on associations between organic matter and metals and the role of organic matter in the formation of ore deposits.

Haydn Murray, Emeritus; Research interests include the genesis of clay mineral deposits, environments of clay mineral deposition and diagenesis, and current methods of clay mineral exploitation.

Indiana Geological Survey—Several members of the Indiana Geological Survey are involved in studies of Economic Geology in Indiana. Included are: John Rupp, John Comer, Nancy Hasenmuller: Energy Resources; Nelson Shaffer, Margaret Ennis, John Hill, Henry Barwood: Industrial Minerals.