Curriculum vita




NSF, Geomorphology and Landuse Dynamics (EAR 1123847) "Defining controls on incisional avulsions in alluvial basins," 2011-2014

NSF, Frontiers in Earth Systems Dynamics "A dynamic delta collaboratory," 2011-2016

American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund. A theoretical and field-based study on the formation and shape of fluvial levees. 2014-2016

National Science Foundation, Science for Engineering, Education, and Sustainability for the Coast. Sustainability of Deltaic Coasts – The Trillion Dollar Problem. 2015-2019



Current: Rebecca Caldwell (Ph.D.), Scott David (Ph.D), Elizabeth Olliver (M.S.), Steven Davey (M.S.), John Talley (M.S. co-advised with Ed Herrmann)


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