Indiana University Bloomington

Recent Theses


Gercke, Emily S; M.S., 2011. Windward and leeward sedimentation patterns on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic.

Green, Robin; M.S. 2011. Pending approval.

Morgenthein, James; M.S., 2011. Pending Approval


Puchalski, Stephanie; Ph.D., 2010. Fidelity of chitons in the fossil record.


Davis, Allicia; M.S. 2009. Depositional environments of the Barrancas and Rio Maton Limestone Members, Albian, Puerto Rico.

Nold, Kathryn; M.S., 2009. Indigenous utilization of shallow-water resources from archaeological marine shells in the Dominican Republic.


Simonelli, Glenn; M.S. 2007. Sedimentology, geochemistry and paleobiology of a marginal marine depositional environment, the Mansfield Formation, Martin County, Indiana.


Hernandez, Sonya; M.S., 2006. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Lares Limestone, Oligocene, Puerto Rico.


Huff, Laurie; M.S., 2005. An analysis of anatomy, lifestyle and feather evolution of early birds and comparisons with Protoavis texensis: Was Protoavis a bird?

Puchalski, Stephanie; M.S., 2005. Taphonomy of chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) and the chiton fossil record.


Barrow, Erica; M.S., Spring 2004. Paleontologic investigation of a Middle-Late Oligocene reef complex, San Sebastian Formation and Lares Limestone, Puerto Rico.

Latimer, Jennifer C.; Ph.D., 2004. Phosphorus geochemistry and terrigenous sedimentation in the Southern Ocean.


Fall, L. M.; M. S., 2003. Quantification of coiling in rudist bivalves and assessment of water-energy levels; Middle to Basal Upper Albian, Edwards Formation, Texas.


Willan, Christopher; M.S., 2000. Glacial-stage reef tract development of the Pleistocene coral cap on Barbados, West Indies: Implications for tectonic uplift history.


Leonard, K.; Ph.D., 1999. Sequence stratigraphy of the Muscatatuck group (Middle Devonian) in southern Indiana: A new framework for paleontological analysis.

Ventura, G.T.; M.S., 1999. Investigation of coral diversity and coral number on disturbance-induced patches: A study of the intermediate disturbance hypothesis in the Key Largo Formation, Late Pleistocene, Florida.

Wood, K.D.; M.S., 1999. Reconstructing Pleistocene reef development, Barbados, West Indies.


Gobetz, Katrina E.; M.S., 1998. Morphological and taphonomic study of a local assemblage of flat-headed peccaries (Platygonus compressus Leconte) from a Late Pleistocene sinkhole deposit in northwestern Ohio, U.S.A.

Machovoe, S. R.; M.S., 1998. High Resolution stratigraphic analysis of an amalgamated sequence boundary, Cretaceous (Turonian-Coniacian), Western Interior Basin, U.S.A.

Pickford, Katherine A.; M.S., 1998. Recent estuaries as a testing ground of methods used to interpret paleosalinities of ancient marginal marine environments.