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Geophysics & Tectonics


Bruce Douglas Structural Geology

Jeremy Dunning Structural Geology

Michael Hamburger Geophysics

Kaj Johnson Geophysics

Gary Pavlis Geophysics

Bob Wintsch Petrology

Albert Rudman Geophysics, Emeritus

GEOPHYSICS: The applications of physics to understanding the earth as a growing component of he earth sciences. The combination of improved instrumentation and advanced computational capabilities is making it increasingly possible o quantitatively model complex geological systems that were not amenable to this approach before. Applications include global tectonics, earthquake seismology, volcanology, and environmental and exploration geophysics. The scientific frontiers are wide open in this field, especially with the ongoing deployment of the Earthscope facilities ( Our program also has a strong field component with ongoing projects in China, Taiwan, Philippines, South America, and Alaska. M.S. students from our program are strongly recruited by the petroleum industry, while Ph.D. students have found positions in other academia and industry.

Current Post-docs


Current Graduate Students

Chibaji Chatterjee–Ph.D. (Advisor Johnson)

Mark Bauer–Ph.D. (Advisor Pavlis)

Abbie Enneking–M.S. (Advisor Johnson)

Chinaemerem Kanu–M.S. (Advisor Johnson)

Gerald Galgana–Ph.D. (Advisor Hamburger)


Terry Stigall, Electronics Technician

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Tammy Bravo installing a seismometer in Venezuela.

Martha Growdon's field area at Wuskwatim Lake, MB, Canada. Foliated dike intruding a foliated charnokite.