Indiana University Bloomington

Current Graduate Students

Pete Bordovalos M.S. Advisor: K. Johnson

Michael Bramnik Ph.D. Advisor: Pavlis

Mark Bauer, Ph.D. in progress. Advisor: Gary Pavlis

Ross Caton M.S. Advisor: Pavlis

Anna Nowicki Ph.D Advisor: Hamburger

Yinzhi (Ian) Wang M.S. Pavlis

Yang Xiaotao, Ph.D. Advisor: Gary Pavlis

Graduate Student Theses

Anna Nowicki (MS 2013) "Logistic Regression for Seismically Induced Landslide Predictions: Using Uniform Hazard and Geophysical Layers as Predictor Variables."

David Grossnickle (M.S. 2013) "Implications of the Cretaceous angiosperm radiation on the the diversification of mammals."

Panessa, Alex (M.S. 2013) "Evidence for a Coherent Southeastern Edge of the Farallon Slab Window from USArray Tomography Models."

Ying-Feng Chen (M.S. 2013). "Frictional parameters on the creeping San Andreas Fault inferred from creep transients."

Jeremy Maurer (M.S. 2013). "Fault coupling and potential for earthquakes on the creeping section of the Central San Andreas Fault."

Austin Hodge (M.S. 2013). "Influence of Flexural Slip on the Form of Fault-Related Folds."

Fan, Chengliang (Ph.D., 2006). Extracting P-primary Transmission and Reflection Responses from Teleseismic Data.

Eagar, Kevin (M.Sc. 2005). Reevaluating Wabash Valley Seismicity from Improved Microearthquake Locations

Galgana, Gerald A., (M.S. 2005). Kinematics of an Active Plate Boundary Zone: Insights on the Tectonics of Luzon, Philippines Using Terrain Models, Focal Mechanisms, and GPS Observations.

Wu, Jeidi (M.Sc. 2004). Three-dimensional P-wave velocity variations in the southern Illinois Basin and the connection with structural and tectonic features.

Yang, Xiujun (M.Sc. 2004). Teleseismic tomography of the Tien Shan.

Shamshy, Shakir (M.Sc. 2003). Spectral analysis of broadband seismic array data, Tien Shan.

Bartel, Beth, (M.S. 2002). Magma Dynamics of Taal Volcano, Philippines, from Continuous GPS Measurements.

Jock, Shannon Jock (M.Sc. 2002). Delineation of join orientation using ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic conductivity, and azimuthal resistivity at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana -Co-advisor with Noel Krothe--

Scott, Neal (Ph.D., 2001). Multichannel analysis of forward scattered body waves.

Christian, Poppeliers (Ph.D., 2001). Prestack planewave migration of teleseismic P-to-S converted phases.

Brian Pope (M.Sc., 1999) Distribution and magnitudes of earthquakes in the Wabash Valley seismic zone, Indiana and Illinois.

Catherine Thibault (M.Sc., 1999) GPS measurement of crustal deformation in the northern Philippine island arc.

Krueger, Alex (M.Sc., 1998), Seismicity and the State of Stress in the Pamir-Tien Shan Zone.

Tomida, Michiru (M.Sc., 1998), Tectonics of Incipient Subduction at the East Luzon Trough, Philippines.

Bear, Lorie K. (Ph.D., 1998) The use of multiwavelets in seismic array data processing.

Bear, Glenn Wesley (Ph.D., 1998) Integration of seismic reflection and potential field analyses: architecture of Precambrian sedimentary basins in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Repin, Dimitri G. (Ph.D. 1998) Study of small-magnitude, delayed multiple events and interactive three-dimensional visualization of seismc data.

Ghose, Sujoy (Ph.D., 1997) Seismotectonics in an active intracontinental orogen: The Tien Shan of central Asia.

Wilson, David C. (M.Sc., 1997) Near-surface site effects in crystalline bedrock: azimuthal dependence, scale lengths of spectral variation, and change in spectral character with depth.

Radzevicius, Stanley J. (M.Sc., 1995) Processing shallow, high-resolution seismic reflection data in a crystalline rock environment: imaging of the weathered zone in Granodiorite at Pinyon Flat, California.

Mellors, Robert John (Ph.D., 1995) Two studies in central Asian seismology: a teleseismic study of the Pamir/Hindu Kush seismic zone and analysis of data from the Kyrgyzstan broadband seismic network.

Ramos, Emmanuel G. (Ph.D., 1995) Seismicity and magmatic intrusion processes at Pinatubo Volcano, Philippines.

Cohn, Matthew Edward (M.Sc., 1995) Electrical resistivity characteristics of the Indiana karst: Field and model studies.

Lewis, Jennifer J. (M.Sc., 1994) Tectonic history of the Wabash Valley fault zone using seismic reflection and stress regime data.

Zheng, Bingjun (M.Sc., 1993) Evidence for precursory seismicity changes preceding moderate and large earthquakes in the Garm Region, central Asia.

Anderson, Paul N. (Ph.D., 1993) Animated visualization techniques for three-component seismic array data.

Bear, Glenn W. (M.Sc., 1992) Linear least squares inversion: determination of 3-D density structure from gravity data.

Ramos, Emmanuel G. (M.Sc., 1992) Seismic expression of faults within and around the Peter The First Range, Tadjikistan.

Murat, Michael Edward (M.Sc., 1991) Identification of seismic first arrivals using a neural network.

Sponable, Dennis M. (M.Sc., 1989) A geophysical study of the Pennsylvanian strata of Indiana: generation of synthetic seismograms from resistivity and velocity logs.

Caruthers, J. Scott (M.Sc., 1989) Radon transform wavefield separation of vertical seismic profiles using wavefield alignment and muting.

Thomas, Margaret Wynn (M.Sc., 1989) Temporal distribution of seismic activity within the Soviet Regional Earthquake Catalog, Central Asia.

Swanson, William Alfred, II (M.Sc., 1988) Seismicity and crustal structure of the Pamir-Alai region in Soviet Central Asia.

Chang, Chia-Yu (M.Sc., 1988) Three-dimensional velocity structure and precise earthquake locations on the Calaveras Fault in the Morgan Hill area, California.

Markisohn, David B. (M.Sc., 1988) Refraction residual analysis of a cryptoexplosion structure near Kentland, Indiana.

Hettenhausen, Roger L. (M.Sc., 1988) Seismic migration by phase shift plus interpolation.