Indiana University Bloomington

Karen Hornsby

Karen hornsby

Post Doctoral Researcher

Atmospheric Sciences

Office:  MSBII 330
Phone:  812-856-8128

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 2010 University of York UK, Atmospheric Chemistry
  • M. Chem 2005 University of York UK, Chemistry

Research Interests

To date my principle area of research has been chemical composition of the atmosphere with specific interest in measuring trace gas species at very low concentration with a range of bespoke instruments. These trace gas species have great chemical importance to our atmosphere and its ability to process pollutants both anthropogenic and natural.

In my current role I am working with Professor Pryor on a range of instrumentation for monitoring particulate matter, in particular aerosol from 6 to 500 nm, the range which has been found to play an important role in climate forcing. The aim of the Up-scaling from Leaf to Canopy - the Aerosol-sized Particle Collection Mechanism Within a Non-uniform Canopy Medium project is to understand the role played by forest canopies in removing aerosol from the atmosphere. We have two approaches for understanding this. The first is a new reaction chamber designed to monitor aerosol behaviour at the leaf scale, large enough to accommodate a young tree and dose it with particles of a known size and concentration. The second uses Indiana university’s field site in Morgan Monroe State Forest to measure size resolves particle concentrations at 3 heights through the canopy and size resolved fluxes at 2 heights, one above and one below the canopy. We hope to combine all these different measurements to create a fuller understanding of aerosol behaviour in forest canopies in extra-urban sites.


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