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Students honored at 2013 Student Award Ceremony

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Undergraduate Awards
Junior Award: Jacob Van Wesenbeeck

With funds donated from the Department of Geological Sciences, this award honors an outstanding student of Junior rank with excellent GPA scores in both Allied Science and Mathematics and in Geology. This award is $500 to be credited to a University Account.

Professional Development Award: Joseph Bisai

The Professional Development Award honors an undergraduate student of Geology with a strong GPA who demonstrates outstanding Departmental Citizenship and an excellent potential for future development. Normally the recipient of this award is already conducting independent research in one of the Department’s research groups and has made substantial contributions of time and talent to various Departmental student organizations such as SGE or Sigma Xi. With funds donated from the Department of Geological Sciences, this award is a one year subscription to a Professional Society of choice.

Maynard and Winifred Coller Scholarship: Crystal Westpestad

This is a legacy scholarship donated by Maynard and Winifred Coller. Maynard was employed by IU in the Department of Geological Sciences. The award honors a Junior or Senior undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. This award is $500 to be credited to a University Account.

Faculty Scholarship Award: Emily Stewart

The Faculty Scholarship Award is funded by faculty donations. Intended for graduating seniors, this award honors a student with outstanding GPA scores in both Allies Science and Mathematics, and in Geology, and who has worked hard to advance Departmental programs such as SGE or Sigma Xi. This award is either a Brunton Compass or the equivalent amount to help buy books.

N. Gary Lane Beginning Geologist Award: Madeline Lewis

Donated by Professor N. Gary Lane, the Beginning Geologist Award honors a beginning Geology student with the highest GPA who demonstrates a strong interest and ability in Geological Sciences. This award is a Geologic Hammer or a Hand Lens.

Women In Science Travel Scholarship: Elizabeth Sherrill
Bill and Jan Cordua Scholarship: Jared Stewart

Professor Bill Cordua received his Ph.D. from IU in 1973; he is now teaching. The Bill and Jan Cordua Scholarship is intended for a Junior or Senior with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. This award is $500 to be credited to a University Account.

Graduate Awards
Departmental Citizenship Award: Jeremy Maurer
David G. Towell G103/G116 Award: Steve Emenhiser
Estwing Award: Anna Nowicki

Each year the Estwing Corporation donates a Rock Hammer and the Department of Geological Sciences donates $250 to honor a Graduate Student who is completing a program in Geological Sciences. Recognition is based on GPA, research, and citizenship.

John and Mary Droste Award: Elizabeth Cola

Professor John Droste and his wife Mary established a yearly award of $250 to honor an Outstanding Associate Instructor because, as the story goes, Dr. Droste used more AIs in his classes throughout his career than any other faculty member in Geological Sciences.

Graduate Fellowships

Alumni Council Fellowship - Patrick Griffin
Chevron Oil Company Fellowship - Scott David, James Wallace
Galloway/Perry/Horowitz Fellowship - Paul Farrugia, Daniel Mizsei, Katie Nold
Tudor Fellowship - Yinzhi Wang
Grassmann Fellowship - Abhy Kadakia, Hongji Yuan
CRES Fellowship - Yanyan Chen, Lin Wei
Shrock Fellowship - Rebecca Caldwell
Department of Defense - Michael Bramnik

Judson Mead Field Station Awards

Charles Deiss Scholarship: Jacob Van Wesenbeeck
Judson Mead Scholarship: Carley Gasaway, Eric Moore, Drew Redifer, Adam Widmer, Ashley Boyd, Oliver Wittman
ConocoPhillips Scholarships: Lewis Mason, Matthew Shirley, Aaron Baer
Anadarko Scholarship: Crystal Wespestad, Joe Biasi, Jenna Kaplan

Competitive Awards

Special Recognition, Imperial Barrell Award– James Wallace, Elizabeth Cola, Yanyan Chen, Jingqi Xu, Haleigh Howe, Yinzhi Wang, Lin Wei, Scott David

Publication Awards

Yanyan Chen, Agnieszka Furmann, Ling Gao, Michelle Lawing, Katarina Topalov, Michael Smith