Students 2015-2016

Graduate Students

Rsme Ali M.S.
Advisor: Fosdick | Office: GY445A

Mohammed Alrowaie Ph.D
Advisor: Pratt | Office: MSBII 443B

Silvia Ascari M.S.
Advisor: Njau | Office: GY526

Anne Ayre Ph.D.
Advisor: Ripley | Office: GY318A

Pete Bordovalos M.S.
Advisor: K. Johnson | Office: GY420A

Allison Bormet Ph.D.
Advisor: Polly | Office: GY505

Rebecca Caldwell Ph.D.
Advisor: Edmonds | Office: GY441

Ross Caton M.S.
Advisor: Pavlis | Office: GY420A

Patrick Cavanagh Ph.D.
Advisor: Pratt | Office: GY225

Devon E. Colcord Ph.D.
Advisor: Brassell | Office: MSBII 449B

Steven Davey M.S.
Advisor: Ripley | Office: GY223

Scott David M.S.
Advisor: Edmonds | Office: GY441

Ryan Deasy Ph.D.
Advisor: Wintsch | Office: GY320B

Kellie Donoghue Ph.D.
Advisor: Schieber | Office: GY318B

Paul Farrugia Ph.D.
Advisor: Njau | Off Campus

Anthony Frushour M.S.
Advisor: Bish | Office: GY223

Hind Ghanem Ph.D.
Advisor: Wintsch | Office:

Poonam Giri Ph.D.
Advisor: Olyphant | Office: GY410A

Robin Green Ph.D.
Advisor: Polly | Office: GY515

Patrick Griffin Ph.D.
Advisor: Schimmelmann
Office: GY314A

Spencer Hellert M.S.
Advisor: Polly | Office: G524

Blaire Hensley-Marschand Ph.D.
Advisor: Polly | Office: GY524

Chris Helou Undergraduate
Advisor: Wintsch | Office: GY320C

Patrick Kane M.S.
Advisor: CFGS | Office: GY424

John Kearney M.S.
Advisor: C. Johnson | Office: GY505

Chian-Heng (James) Lee M.S.
Advisor: K. Johnson | Office: GY419

Zhiyang Li Ph.D.
Advisor: Schieber | Office: GY555

Matthew Lilley M.S.
Advisor: Wasylenki | Office: MSBII 449A

Bei Liu Ph.D.
Advisor: Schieber | Office: GY536



Xuechang (Shay) Liu Ph.D.
Advisor: Staten | Office: GY424

Cristian Medina Ph.D.
Advisor: Brassell | Office: S123

Ciara Mills M.S.
Advisor: CGS | Office: GY227

Zachary Moon MS/MSES
Advisor: Kieu | Office: GY424

Kathryn Nold M.S.
Advisor: Ripley | Off Campus

Anna Nowicki Ph.D.
Advisor: Hamburger | Office: GY419

Elizabeth Olliver M.S.
Advisor: Edmonds | Office: GY229

Derek Prokopf M.S.
Advisor: Ripley | Office: GY318C

Anas Rabie Ph.D.
Advisor: Zhu | Office: MSBII 443A

Britt Rossman M.S.
Advisor: Schieber | Office: GY553

Augustus Schaefer M.S.
Advisor: Wasylenki | Office: MSBII 452

Andrea Shilling Ph.D.
Advisor: Brassell | Office: MSBII 443B

Matthew Shirley M.S.
Advisor: Hamburger | Office: GY231

Joshua Smith Ph.D.
Advisor: Ripley | Office: GY318A

Michael R Smith Ph.D.
Advisor: Polly | Office: GY505

Cameron Stewart M.S.
Advisor: Schieber | Office: GY536

Sarah Swartz M.S.
Advisor: Njau | Office: GY515

John Talley M.S.
Advisor: Edmonds | Office: GY231

Brian Thornton M.S.
Advisor: Bish | Office: GY229

Katarina Topalov Ph.D.
Advisor: Ripley | Office: GY320C

Donald Tripp M.S.
Advisor: Douglas | Office: GY428

Yinzhi (Ian) Wang M.S.
Advisor: Pavlis | Office: GY420A

Bryan Walthen M.S.
Advisor: CGS | Office: GY320A

Kevin Webster Ph.D.
Advisor: Schimmelmann | Office: GY312

Lin Wei Ph.D.
Advisors: Schimmelmann/Mastalerz | Office: GY303A

Ben Wernette M.S.
Advisor: Ripley | Office: GY318B

Andrea White M.S.
Advisor: Schieber | Office: GY536

Xiaotao Yang Ph.D.
Advisor: Pavlis | Office: GY419

Zalmai Yawar Ph.D.
Advisor: Schieber | Office: GY557

Alex Zimmerman M.S.
Advisor: C. Johnson | Office: GY515

Undergraduate Students

Adams, William email

Armstrong, Ian email

Atterholt, James email

Austin, Emily email

Baker, Meredith email

Batchelor, Brandon email

Bedwell, Caroline email

Bielefeld, Grace email

Beyl, Alexander email

Bowman, Alison email

Bradley, Madison email

Browne, Kimberly email

Carlson, Grace email

Cripe, Everett email

Downton, Nicholas email

Egan, Jordan email

Elger, Faith email

Emerick, Seth email

Fields, Brock email

FitzGerald, Chris email

Freeman, Logan email

Fuller, Tyler email

Gill, Ishanveer email

Goff, Nona email

Greeson, Kelsey email

Groff, Faith email

Herbert, Zachary email

Herstad, Kedric email

Holahan, Margaret email

Ivers, Jacob email

Jones, Wesley email

Kersey, Will email

Knight, Arianna email

Knight, Justin email

Koronkevich, Paul email

Krohne, Nathan email

Landgrebe, Dakota email

Latta, Mitchell email

Malone, Kelsey email

Marksberry, Ricky email

McCorkle, Sarah email

McCutcheon, Cole email

McDermott, Darlene email

Mericle, Shaun email

Moore, Tori email

Morin, David email

Mulford, Melissa email

Neely, Ann email

Nelson, Amelia email

Nusbaum, Robert email

Olson, Jacob email

Oxford, Shawn email

Palmer, Adrienne email

Perry, Hannah email

Pitcher, Christopher email

Price, Max email

Schreiner, Samantha email

Schurr, Eric email

Sloan, Hanah email

Sodeman, Alexander email

Torres, Matthew email

Villalvir, Johann email

Walts, Bret email

Warren, Tait email

Wicks, Terrence email

Zhang, Yiqing email

This listing is inherently incomplete because many undergraduates who intend to pursue a degree in Geological Sciences may not yet have formally declared their major.