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Department BrochureThe Department's programs include research activities in many interdisciplinary areas that can be broadly described in terms of their principal fields of study listed below with the names of faculty engaged in each. Each field of research links to pages describing these areas that are also available as downloadable brochures (as pdf files). Faculty names link to their departmental web pages. Many of the research topic areas include lists of recent publications. A complete list of publications for the department is also available. Download a 2014-15 copy of the Department brochure (click on image)

Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric modelling and nonlinear dynamics, large-scale circulation modelling, tropical cyclones, remote sensing, ensemble data assimilation, numerical weather prediction.
Kieu, Kirkpatrick, Staten


Isotopic, molecular and organic geochemistry, astrobiology
, Elswick, Mastalerz, Pratt, Ripley, Sauer, Schieber, Schimmelmann, Wasylenki, White, Young, Zhu

Stable Isotope Research Facility (SIRF Lab)

The Stable Isotope Research Facility (SIRF) in the Department of Geological Sciences houses four isotope ratio mass spectrometers dedicated to analysis of H, C, N, O, and S. Housed in MSBII.
Peter Sauer, Ben Underwood

Economic Geology

Mineral, water and fossil fuel resources
Bish, Brophy, Li, Mastalerz Ripley

Society of Economic Geologists–IU Student Chapter (SEG–IU)

Geobiology, Geoanthropology, Geoarchaeology

Paleontology, paleoecology, paleoclimatology
Brassell, Elswick, Herrmann, C. Johnson, Keith, Njau, Polly, Pratt

Geophysics, Structural Geology and Tectonics

Seismology, geodesy, regional orogenic processes, rock mechanics
Douglas, Fosdick, Hamburger, K.Johnson, Pavlis, Wintsch

Hydrogeology & Environmental Geosciences

Physical & chemical hydrology, modeling, paleoclimatology
Craft, Haitjema, Letsinger, Prentice, Wasylenki, Zhu

Mineralogy & Clay Mineralogy

Rock and mineral analysis, volcanology
Basu, Bish, Brophy, Li, Ripley, Schieber, Wintsch, Zhu

Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

Physical & chemical sedimentation, Earth history
Basu, Brassell, Edmonds, Fosdick, C. Johnson, Polly, Pratt, Schieber, Wintsch


Various thematic research projects are also represented by well-funded programs within the Department, including the following: