Indiana University Bloomington

E.R. Cumings Award

Established by Frank C. Green (class of 1909) in 1962, and awarded for graduate student contributions to Indiana geology. Edgar Roscoe Cumings was an Instructor in the Dept. of Geology from 1898-1902, and was professor from 1903 to 1945—the longest tenure of any faculty member. He served as Department head from 1903 to 1942.

Award Winners

2001 John Hohman
1996-2000 None
1995 Lindsey Leighton
1994 Cliff Ambers
1993 Victoria Ferguson
1992 Clay Harris
1991 Patricia Merkley
1990 Dennis Sponable
1989 Denver Harper
1988 Brad Markisohn, David Hirt
1987 Todd Thompson
1987 Howard Feldman, Arthur Liebold III
1987 Thomas Kammer, Mark Brown
1982 Peggy Visher
1979 William Ausich
1975 Arthur Waterman
1973 John Sexton
1970 Robert L. Anstey
1969 Donald D. Carr, Lawrence H. Balthaser
1968 W. Thomas Straw
1967 Don L. Kissling
1965 Don L. Kissling, Jerry A. Lineback
1964 Craig B. Hatfield
1963 Jerry A. Lineback
1962 Ronald D. Perkins