Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty Scholarship (Senior) Award

The oldest award given by the department was established in 1952. It originally consisted of a Brunton compass paid for by the faculty and awarded to an undergraduate; in recent years an equivalent value in geology textbooks may be given. The award is now called the Faculty Senior Award. The following table, based on information in Gary Lane's Geology at Indiana University, 1840-2000, may be incomplete because of lack of records for some years.


Ausich [photo]

Student award recipients at the April 2001 award ceremony are, from left, Brett Tipple, Scott McCammon, Melissa Gibson, Russell House, Michael McKendry, Laurence Hawkes, and Bryan Beeler.

Ausich [photo]

Award winners at the spring 2002 DOGS Daze research fair were, from left, Sarah Pietrazek-Mattner, Dan Capps, Tom Kulp, Laura Slade, John Johnston, and Mike McKendry.

Award Winners

2002 Aaron Wood
2001 Ralph Milliken
2000 Brian Howard
1999 Jeff Dick
1998 Mark Panning
1997 Karen Cyr, Terry Arcuri
1996 Mimi Tzeng
1995 Priya Ganguli, Margaret Streepy
1994 Jennifer Klug, Dana Strength
1993 Rebecca Robinson
1992 Michael Delgass
1991 Brian Towell
1990 Michael Stewart
1989 Matthew Slagel
1988 Sam Niemann
1987 Christine F. Heavilon
1986 Gregory M. Dipple
1985 Gerald Michael
1984 Kenneth Kudrak
1983 unknown
1982 no award
1981 Sean Rooney
1980 Elizabeth Blair, Mark Nearing
1979 no award
1978 Bruce Smith, Ronald Cohen
1977 Brenda Bomber
1974-76 unknown
1973 Rosanne Buecker
1972 unknown
1971 Stephan Graham
1970 Darrell G. Herd
1969 David E. Thompson
1968 Joe J. Liteheiser
1967 no award
1966 Deborah J. DeWolf, Michael J. Fowler
1965 no award
1964 David Balogh
1963 Paul D. Ryder
1962 Stanley K. Hamilton
1961 no award
1960 Roger Cuffey
1958 Forrest K. Root
1957 John Stephen Parker
1956 Ralph Eugene Hunter
1955 James Robert Dodd
1954 Rosalia Rey
1953 Jack Harrison
1952 Olin R. Holt