Indiana University Bloomington

Fellowships, AIs and RAs


The Department nominates well-qualified applicants for prestigious, competitive, campus-wide fellowships (e.g., Chancellor's, Women-in-Science, Dean's Minority, and Ronald E. McNair Fellowships), and for other graduate research fellowships. The Department also awards fellowships, often in specific research areas, that are sponsored by corporate gifts. Fellowships typically permit focus on coursework and research activities without teaching or other intructional rsponsibilities in the first year. Fellowship stipends are determined by whomever makes the award; the most prestigious University fellowships provide stipends for Ph.D. study of $18,000 per annum.

Graduate Research Fellowship in Clay Mineralogy

The Department of Geological Sciences at Indiana University has an opening for the Grassmann Fellowship in Clay Mineralogy for fall 2004. This competitive Fellowship is open to Doctoral-level candidates in the general area of clay mineralogy and carries a tuition waiver plus an award of $24,000 for 12 months, renewable on a yearly basis for up to 3 years. The Fellowship also includes a budget for research and travel expenses. The successful candidate for this fellowship will conduct research of his or her own choosing in the broad area of clay mineralogy. The Geology Department has outstanding facilities for fundamental and applied studies of clay minerals, including new X-ray diffraction, the rmoanalytical, and scanning electron microscope laboratories and excellent applied clay mineralogy, stable isotope, and biogeochemical facilities. Applicants should have a good background in mineral sciences and/or geochemistry and familiarity with X-ray diffraction. Proficiency in writing and speaking English is required. Preference will be given to students with a strong quantitative background. Interested students should contact:

Dr. David Bish, Haydn Murray Chair of Applied Clay Mineralogy
Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University
1001 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405 USA
phone: 812-855-2039

Associate Instructorships

AIs undertake up to 20 hr/week of teaching or lecturing responsibilities, typically in laboratory classes or discussion sessions for introductory geology courses. A training session is held annually at the beginning of the Fall semester to prepare and familiarize AIs with the requirements and responsibilities of these positions. University policy requires international students whose native language is not English to pass a test in English proficinecy prior to any AI appointment involving classroom teaching. Such tests, involving oral and written examinations, are held in Bloomington several times during the year. Entering students whose native language is not English are expected to pass this test during their first semester in residence, and to thereby become eligible for continued AI support. In exceptional cases, this examination can be waived for students whose educational training has been in English.

Departmental AIs receive a stipend (currently $15,927 paid over 10 months) and tuition fees for 30 credit hr/year. Students are responsible for unremittable fee charges (currently $35 per credit hour), and fees levied for student activities, health, technology and transportation charges (about $1,000 per year). Student AI stipends are for 10 months (i.e., Fall and Spring semesters) and may be supplemented during the summer by research funds.

Research Assistantships

RAs are research appointments funded from external sources controlled by a member of the faculty. They enable students to engage in original research related to their degree goals. RA appointments are primarily governed by the availability of external research grants. Funds may originate from various sources, including major funding agencies, federal or state organizations, independent funding agencies, or industrial corporations. The project director or principal investigator determines the duration of RA appointments and awards, which may be made to any applicant admitted to a degree program irrespective of any commitment of departmental support. Financial support may also be available for international students in the form of RAs, which do not require the English proficiency test.