Indiana University Bloomington


The department has a variety of microscopes and chemical analytical facilities that are utilized in sedimentary petrology. The faculty and students doing research in sedimentary petrology have ready access to advanced equipment for x-ray diffraction analysis, electron microprobe, mass spectrometers for stable isotope analysis, and ICP and AA spectrometers for analysis of waters and rocks. These are in addition to standard polarizing petrographic microscopes and cathodoluminescence capabilities on three separate instruments.

All the standard and many specialized equipment items for study of sedimentary rocks are available in the department and survey. The extensive collection of cores and well samples and geophysical logs in the Geological Survey are a particularly valuable resource in research on the Illinois Basin, and the Department has an extensive library of geophysical logs from the western interior of the U.S. The Judson Mead Geologic Field Station in Montana is a convenient base of operation for field work in the northern Rockies.