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Do Deutsch

The Department of Germanic Studies at Indiana University Bloomington has teamed up with the German Embassy in Washington D.C. to promote German as a foreign language. During the 2011 do Deutsch Campus Weeks, German-language students and faculty organized a series of activities and events in a bid to boost widespread interest in German language and culture among their peers. "German(y) in your life" was the theme for a competition open to all IU students. Winning projects in the four categories are on display in the Wells Library from October 20th - November 3rd: Poster Presentation, Video Presentation, Essay, and Poem or Song. The top projects in each of the four categories will be sent to Washington D.C. to be entered in the national competition for a chance to win a trip to Germany.

Enjoy the German Expo Gala and look for upcoming events from the Department of Germanic Studies at the link below.

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