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Norwegian Language & Scandinavian Culture

Photo taken by Jørn Olav LøsetPhoto by Jørn Olav Løset

  • Norwegian is an easy language to learn and studying it is very rewarding!
  • You will be able to read and understand Swedish and Danish.
  • The class is a lot of fun – interactive and communicative!
  • Excellent opportunities for study abroad and possibilities for scholarships!
  • Study materials are well structured, helping the process of learning!
  • Students are able to communicate in Norwegian by the end of the second semester.
  • Courses offered in English every year, carrying Arts and Humanities credit and Culture Studies credit. Topics include:
    • The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
    • Ibsen & Strindberg
    • The Multicultural North
    • Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature
    • Ethnic and Immigrant Folklore
    • Vikings and Sagas
    • Scandinavia and the Baltic States
    • Nordic & Baltic States in the European Union
  • A Minor in Norwegian available, requiring three semesters of Norwegian and three additional content courses.
  • Fun extracurricular activities: coffee hour, film series, lecture series, etc.

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GER-K100/501 Beginning Norwegian I
GER-K150/502 Beginning Norwegian II
GER-K200/503 Intermediate Norwegian I
GER-K250/504 Intermediate Norwegian II
GER-S491 Scandinavian Languages for Reading Knowledge
GER-K495/815 Individual Readings in Scandinavian Studies
GER-E361 Vikings and Sagas
GER-E362/K506 Topics in Scandinavian Culture
GER-E363/K507 Topics in Scandinavian Literature

Norwegian Minor

Students must complete the following:

1. Three semesters of Norwegian language: K150, K200, K250.

2. Nine (9) additional credit hours chosen from E361, E362, E363, or HIST-B 303/D300/CEUS R309 (approved topic: Modern Scandinavia and the Baltic States).

*Study abroad credits will also be considered and can potentially count towards the degree.*

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