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Welcome to Germanic Studies at Indiana University, a dynamic and diversified department with a rich tradition. We offer demanding yet flexible programs in modern literary and cultural studies, medieval philology, theoretical linguistics, as well as instruction in three modern languages besides German. Our undergraduate students work closely in small group settings with highly trained instructors and faculty members who have won numerous teaching awards. Many participate in programs we maintain in Freiburg, Germany, and Graz, Austria. We urge our graduate students, who come to us from across the country and all parts of the world, to work at a high level of theoretical sophistication and to develop their skills as innovative and imaginative teachers. Nearly all find work in faculty positions at research universities and liberal arts colleges.

Ours is perhaps the most congenial Germanic Studies Department in the country; it is also one of the most challenging. If you are passionately driven by intellectual curiosity — join us!

Fritz Breithaupt, Department Chairperson __________________________________________________

Professor Susanne Even Selected as ‘German Collegiate Teacher of the Year 2013’

Susanne Even

The Indiana Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) has selected Susanne Even as the German Collegiate Teacher of the Year 2013.

The award letter states: ‘Your support to your profession, your students and your colleagues in German, service to both the Indiana Chapter of the AATG and IFTLA have earned you this well-deserved honor. I am sure you must be very proud and pleased that your excellence as an educator is being recognized … Kudos to Indiana University for having such an excellent teacher on the staff!’

The Department of Germanic Studies wholeheartedly endorses these sentiments, and we are very proud to have such an excellent educator in our department.

News & Events

    Wir sind Weltmeister!
  • World soccer We would like to collect your impressions of the soccer world cup. Where were you? What did you think? What can you share with us? Send us your tweets, texts or images, in English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Yiddish, etc., and we will link them here.
  • Germanic Studies Spotlight: Andrea Meyertholen (left), Madhuvanti Karyekar (right) with professors Fritz Breithaupt and William Rasch at the graduation and the official hooding ceremony in May 2014 Bill Fritz Madhu and Andrea Four students in the Department of Germanic Studies have defended their dissertations in the academic year 2013/2014 and are leaving us with a PhD. We are very excited about their success and their future. They are:
      Justin Glover, Liquid Vocalizations and Underspecification in German Dialects (he is employed at Google)
      Madhuvanti Karyekar, Translating Observation into Narration: The “Sentimental” Anthropology of Georg Forster (1754-1794) (she will teach for The Ohio State University, in the fall)
      Olivia Landry, The Performance of Berlin School Cinema: Movement, Affect, Presence (she will start as post-doc at the University of Pittsburgh in fall 2014)
      Andrea Meyertholen, Blurring the Lines: The Invention of Abstract Art in German Literature Since 1800 (she will start to teach at the University of Kansas at Lawrence, in fall 2014)
  • New English-Language Summer Program in Berlin Spend next summer in Berlin and learn about how the city deals with its past and imagines its future. Take a new four-week summer course, taught by IU faculty in English. To learn more, click here. For a first-hand account of last year's program, see the student blog
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