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Max Kade Fellows 2014-2015

Stefon Flego

Stefon Flego graduated with distinction in Early Music and German from Indiana University in 2013. Besides knowing French, Norwegian, and Latin, he learned Low German as well as Chaucerian Englishon his own. He is eager to understand and research German languages. Since the fall of 2014, he is working towards a PhD on the linguistics track.

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton completed a BA in German at the University of Chicago and joined our department’s graduate program in 2009. He is particularly interested in the relationship between Russian and German literature. His dissertation, entitled Landscapes of Literature: German Realism and the Discovery of the Silent Land, promises to alter our understanding of the specificity of the German realist novel from Adalbert Stifter to Theodor Fontane by understanding German realism in relation to landscape.

Erin Noelliste

Erin Noelliste began her graduate studies on the linguistics track in 2008. She obtained her MA in 2010, specializing in phonetic analysis and phonology. She is currently engaged in her dissertation research on r-epenthesis (the insertion of “r”) and r-deletion in German and Austrian dialects–a question on which virtually no linguistic studies exist. She is currently analyzing a large data-set of Bavarian and Austrian speakers recorded during extensive field work.

Anita Lukic

Anita Lukic joined our department after completing her BA at the University of Chicago in 2008. She completed her MA thesis and is currently writing a dissertation on character and change entitled Turning Points: Ideology, Agency, and Change in Eighteenth-Century Novels. The dissertation project investigates how novels represent biographic turning points and how these turning points inherit religious life narratives.

Friederike Schläfer

Friederike Schläfer received an MA in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Washington University in St. Louis in 2008, before she obtained an MA in Comparative Literature from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. She joined the PhD program of the Department of Germanic Studies at Indiana University Bloomington in 2009 and is currently writing a dissertation on thematic and formal aspects of love in Robert Musil’s novel The Man without Qualities.

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