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Placement and Special Credit in German, Dutch & Norwegian

The College of Arts and Sciences Foreign Language Requirement

The College of Arts and Sciences requires all undergraduate majors to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language.

Please note:

  • The Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees require proficiency through the fourth semester of a single foreign language.
  • The Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees require proficiency through the second or third semester of a single foreign language. See individual degree description for exact requirement.
  • International students may fulfill the foreign language requirement through demonstrated proficiency in their native languages (contact the Office of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Owen Hall, 855-1647).

The Department of Germanic Studies offers four language options for this requirement: Dutch, German, Norwegian, and Yiddish.

Placement, AP, IB, Concurrent Enrollment, and Special Credit in German

The German Online Placement Exam administered by the IU Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST, Franklin Hall 014, 855-1595) is for placement purposes only. Scores do not fulfill any requirement, but are used to find the most appropriate level course for the student. All incoming freshmen and transfer students who have previous German experience are required to take the exam prior to arriving at orientation (FYE).

Transfer students wishing to pursue a German minor or major who place lower than previous course work may be advised to retake transferred course work.

Students taking the ETS German Advanced Placement (AP) test while still in high school will be awarded the following course credits based on score and may fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences foreign language proficiency:

  • Score 3 – 8 credits (G100, G150)
  • Score 4 – 11 credits (G100, G150, G200)
  • Score 5 – 14 credits (G100, G150, G200, G250)
  • These students are still required to take the online placement test as incoming freshmen. For more information, contact the undergraduate secretary.

    Incoming freshmen who enrolled in International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in German while in high school may be awarded credits only after taking the German Adaptive Proficiency Exam administered on campus by the IU Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST, Franklin Hall 014, 855-1595)

    Concurrent Enrollment coursework in German successfully completed in high school, such as through IU Advance College Project (ACP), will be awarded with equivalent course credit. Incoming freshmen will still be required to take the placement exam.

    To earn special credit students must take the placement test, complete a validating course on the IUB campus at the level into which the student placed (or higher) with a grade of C or better, and apply for the special credit to be posted retroactively. Special note: All special credit is awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences Recorder’s Office not the Department of Germanic Studies. International students may not earn credit or be awarded special credit for any courses at the first- or second-year level in their native languages.

    *See the undergraduate secretary in the main office of Germanic Studies (BH 644) to apply for special credit.

    Special Credit in Dutch & Norwegian

    Special credit is also available to qualified students in Dutch and Norwegian. There is, however, no standardized exam to determine placement. Interested students should see the undergraduate secretary.

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