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"Taking part in an overseas study program as a German major was one of the best decisions I ever made. It definitely was a significant decision in my life that helped me narrow down my ideas of what I wanted to do in life as an IU Germanic Studies and Anthropology graduate. Currently I considering work back in Germany where I would use the skills I acquired through IU's reputable Germanic Studies department". Brent McGill, Class of 2007

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"I have been interested in studying German ever since middle school - everyone in my family has studied this language at some point or another, and our house is full of German books and textbooks. After studying for two years at IU, I went to Freiburg for a year, where I have greatly improved my knowledge of German. While studying abroad, I did not only learn the language, but also the German culture, which I was immersed in. My experiences in Germany were only positive, and I hope at some point to continue my studies of the German language in a German-speaking country. Together with German, I majored in International Studies and International Relations (through the Individualized Major Program), and minored in Computer Science. In my future career, I hope to combine the knowlege gained from the three majors and work in the areas of both international and German politics." Tamara Polyakov, Class of 2007

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"My time in IU's Germanic Studies department helped prepare me for the experience of a lifetime - a year of study at the University of Hamburg, Germany! And upon my return to Bloomington, I continued to enhance my knowledge and command of all things German with the help of the Germanic Studies faculty. My departmental advisor introduced me to the German Bundestag Internship Program during my senior year, and I was very fortunate to be among 30 American students selected nationwide to participate in this 1-year study/internship scholarship opportunity in Bonn, Germany following my graduation from IU. My experiences gained while at IU ultimately led me to my decision to complete an M.A. in German soon thereafter, and I truly believe that all of these experiences combined to present international career opportunities for me. IU Bloomington's Department of Germanic Studies was definitely a fundamental contributor to my success today!" Elizabeth Brandes, Class of 1993

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"German was a chance for me to have a unique quality on my resume. All of my friends were in the Spanish department and I felt like German would help me stand out in the future. The German classes at IU were always very laid back and a welcome change to the everyday lecture schedule of most classes at IU. Furthermore, it was very rewarding to discover after several semesters that I was able to read an actual German novel. Having the capacity to read a book in a foreign language was one of my most rewarding college experiences. I plan to use the language skills I have acquired from the IU German Department to study international law and travel." Jessica Sosa, Class of 2007

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