Member Unit School or Department
Aamidor, Shirley KO Education
Atkinson, Simon J. IN-1 Medicine, Nephrology
Blackwell, Jacqueline IN-4 Education
Bodmer, George NW English
Brown, James W. IN-5 Journalism
Bucur-Deckard, Maria BL-7 History
Clapp-Itnyre, Alisa EA Humanities & Social Science
Finkel, Deborah G. SE Social Sciences
Fly, Alyce D. BL-4 HPER
Herbert, Brittney-Shea IN-1 Medical & Molecular Genetics
Hickey, Gail FW Education
Hunt, Kevin D. BL-3 Anthropology
Isaacson, Eric J. BL-6 Music
Johnson, Kathy Elizabeth IN-6 Psychology
McCarty, Luise Prior BL-4 Education
Meretsky, Vicky J. BL-5 SPEA
Murrell, Jill R. IN-1 Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Myers, Kathleen BL-8 Spanish & Portuguese
Oakley, Martha Gray BL-1 Chemistry
Pryor, Sara C. BL-3 Geography
Saksena, P. N. SB Business & Economics
Siegel, Martin A. BL-2 Informatics & Computing
Sims, Sharon L. IN-3 Nursing
Williams, James C. IN-1 Anatomy & Cell Biology
Wokeck, Marianne S. IN-2 History
Student to be named GSO IUPUI
Student to be named GPSO IUB
Ex Officio
Daleke, David Assoc. Dean University Graduate School
Queener, Sherry Assoc. Dean University Graduate School
Watson, Maxine Assoc. Dean University Graduate School
Wimbush, James Dean University Graduate School

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