Poster Submission

The poster session for 2017 Gill Symposium and Award Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 27 in the Indiana Memorial Union Solarium at 5:00 p.m. IMU Building Map

You will receive a confirmation email for your poster submission. A copy of the poster submission form will be hanging as a place holder for your poster. Please make sure to place your poster in the space provided to you as the spaces are assigned.

Please note that poster presenters are responsible for hanging posters in their assigned spaces before the poster session begins. Velcro will be provided on each stand to secure the posters to the stands; no pins, tacks, or tape should be used. Please remove posters from the stands at the conclusion of the reception/poster session. Posters not retrieved at this time will be recycled.

DEADLINE: September 23, 2017

NOTE: All the fields in this form are required.

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