Welcome to Campus Girl Scouts at Indiana University. Our mission is to provide college-age students with an opportunity to have fun and provide service; for some this is a chance to continue their careers in Girl Scouting, while others may have had no previous experience. We are a part of Girl Scouts of the USA and of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Council, located in south central Indiana. The only requirements to join are to be a registered member of Girl Scouting and to be an IUB student.

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Old News
Oct. 21-23 - Monroe County Camporee - we helped with crafts and fun at Gallahue
Planning for this year - Brownie Math & Science Day, Daisy Candy Cane Hunt, Talent Show in April

Year 2010-11
12/4/10 - Daisy Candy Cane Hunt
11/20/10 - Brownie Math and Science
11/10/10 - Kirkwood Observatory
10/24/10 - Campus Clean-up
10/10/10 - New officers elected - check them out on MyInvolvement!
09/12/10 - Despite the rain, nearly 200 girls and adults enjoyed the weekend at Gallahue.
09/08/10 - Thanks to all who helped at the Student Involvement Fair