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GLAC-18 / SHEL-7

a joint conference on English and Germanic linguistics and philology, April 26-28, 2012 Indiana University, Bloomington


The 18th Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC-18) and the 7th Studies in the History of the English Language conference (SHEL-7) will meet concurrently April 26-28, 2012, at the Biddle Hotel and Conference Center of the Indiana Memorial Union on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. The combined conference will be hosted by the Department of Germanic Studies and the Department of English, Indiana University, Bloomington.

About GLAC:

GLAC is the annual conference of the Society for Germanic Linguistics (SGL), an organization serving the broad community of scholars teaching and researching in Germanic linguistics and philology. Further information about the SGL, and about past conferences, may be found here: Papers submitted to GLAC may be on any linguistic or philological aspect of any historical or modern Germanic language or dialect, including English (to the Early Modern period) and the extraterritorial varieties. Papers from the full range of linguistic and philological subfields, as well as differing theoretical perspectives, are welcome. Abstracts submitted to GLAC or SHEL will undergo anonymous review.

About SHEL:

SHEL is a biennial tradition, providing for scholars the opportunity to gather and share their research and pedagogical methods in relation to the history of English worldwide. It thus serves for North American scholars as an opportunity analogous to the biennial International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL) hosted at various research centers in Europe. SHEL is not affiliated with any sole research institution or sponsoring organization. Previous SHEL conferences have been held as follows: SHEL-1 (2000) at UCLA; SHEL-2 (2002) at the University of Washington, Seattle; SHEL-3 (2004, held jointly with GLAC) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; SHEL-4 (2006) at the University of Northern Arizona; SHEL-5 (2007) at the University of Georgia, Athens; SHEL-6 (2009, held jointly with GLAC) at Banff, Alberta (hosted by the Universities of Calgary and British Columbia).

featured speakers

Marc van Oostendorp

Marc van OostendorpMarc van Oostendorp is senior researcher in the Department of Variation Linguistics at the Meertens Instituut of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Donka Minkova

Donka MinkovaDonka Minkova is Professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a co-founder of the SHEL conference series.

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William A. Kretzschmar, Jr.

William A. Kretzschmar, Jr.William Kretzschmar, Jr., is Harry and Jane Willson Professor in the Humanities at the University of Georgia.

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