IN-NELL and Bridges Fall Event 2010

Session presenter Dr. Martha Nyikos is Associate Professor and past chair of the Language Education Department, at Indiana University, Bloomington, where she heads the graduate program in Foreign and Second Language Education. Her responsibilities include teacher education in the foreign languages and English as a second Language (ESL) and issues relating to teacher certification in the State of Indiana. She serves on the editorial board of the Modern Language Journal. She is the past president of Indiana TESOL and has lectured and taught teacher education courses such countries as Azerbaijan, Australia, Senegal, Mali and Cameroon (West Africa), Canary Islands (Spain), Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, and the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Her research interests include cognitive and socio-cultural factors in language learning as these relate to the learning strategies of foreign language students and of heritage language learners. In teacher education, her research includes collaboration, models of professional development and resistance factors in teacher development and change. An on-going research project looks at ways families deal with the role of English relative to a heritage or family language maintenance and development while in the United States.