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Global Center Home Page     PreK-12 and Community Outreach (Current Projects)     Deliberation for Global Perspectives in Teaching and Learning - OVERVIEW
Deliberation for Global Perspectives in Teaching and Learning
An Online Curriculum from Indiana University
OVERVIEW PreK-12 and Community Outreach (Current Projects)
World globe deliberation, critical thinking, research, civil discourse, listening to learn, multiple perspectives, global issues, reflection Students deliberating


The purpose of this IU deliberation model, Deliberation for Global Perspectives in Teaching and Learning (DGP), is to provide teachers with a solid curriculum – lesson plans with effective teaching methods and classroom activities - to teach students how to identify, navigate, and engage multiple perspectives in complex international issues, current or historic. Central to this curriculum, DGP encourages students to engage in civil discourse and consider civic action within a constructive learning and standards-based environment. Deliberation teaches students higher-order analytical andcritical thinking skills which are essential for responsible global citizenship and civic participation.


DGP originated from a partnership between the Center for the Study of Global Change at Indiana University and the Choices for the 21st Century Education Program at Brown University and was initially funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. As part of a greater effort to integrate international and civic education into K-12 classrooms, a select group of Indiana educators was commissioned to use their extensive academic and professional experiences as classroom teachers to develop a new deliberation model. This model would be used teach students how to analyze complex historical and current U.S. foreign policy and international issues. At the time, there were few if any classroom deliberation models in existence; however, there was research to show the benefits of deliberation for students. Once the six-step model was developed, it was presented to educators at regional workshops across the state. Their practical and professional feedback helped improve and enhance the model that exists today.


Susan Garcia, Project Coordinator
Deborah Hutton, Project Director
Matthew Lo, Education Consultant and Trainer
Kevin Zupin, Education Consultant and Trainer

They [students] are engaged in the deliberations unlike they have ever been engaged in class before.  Students are challenged to think critically, which is hard to inspire in a smartphone/Google world.

Katie Gelhar Bruce, High School Teacher


Consultants Indiana University Deliberation Model Development Team Indiana University Deliberation Model Teacher Year-Long Focus Group, Including Field Testing
Susie Graseck, Director, Choices Program, Brown University
Diana Hess, Education Professor, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Deborah Hutton, Educator, Project Director
Kevin Zupin, Educator, Team Leader
Matthew Lo, Educator, Help Line Consultant
Rosalind Fishman, Educator
Lynn Brown, Educator
Julie Patterson, Educator, Project Coordinator
Manjari Singh, Project Assistant
Nancy Bemis, Educator
Stephanie Bode, Educator
Mary Ann Bolinger, Educator
Kevin Cline, Educator
Diane Davis, Educator
Mark Ewing, Educator
Staci Fahlsing, Educator
Jennifer Korfhage, Educator
Crystal Merrifield, Educator
Barbara Mohr, Educator
Ed Robson, Educator
Stacy Schwingendorf, Educator
Susan Stewart, Educator
Sarah Wilson, Educator
Deb Wrye, Educator

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