Fall 2009 International Learning Workshop –
Campus Internationalization

This track explores the ways in which global learning both contributes to and is advanced by overall programs of internationalization at departmental, school, campus, and university levels.  It uses presentations, break-out sessions, and the collective building of a hypothetical unit internationalization plan to examine the following issues:

  • The evolving importance and meaning of internationalization, with particular emphasis on the global system of higher education that is emerging in the 21st century
  • Why it is important to pursue internationalization in collaboration with international partners, and how to build and sustain effective partnerships
  • What is to be gained by approaching internationalization through strategic planning
  • Key elements of the 2008 IU Strategic International Plan and how to apply these to specific campuses, schools, and departments
  • Defining unit-specific goals of internationalization and global learning
  • The key elements of any internationalization plan, as well as the key constituencies that must be involved in the plan’s construction
  • IU policies and procedures connected to internationalization, as well as sources of support for international work
  • How to identify and remove obstacles impeding unit-specific internationalization goals
  • The kinds of faculty and staff development that advances internationalization
  • Paying attention to the co-curriculum as well as the curriculum
  • Viewing international students and faculty as key resources in internationalization
  • How different units of IU might work together and support each other in their internationalization activities