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Faculty Study Groups

Past Faculty Study Groups

  • The Internationalization Collaborative Across Bloomington – ICAB (2010-2014) — Participant instructors in this monthly Faculty Study Group, from both Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College, have determined that internationalization must become integrated with the other learning outcomes of each course and that ideally, curriculum must be redesigned to support these global learning outcomes. The faculty discusses the basic concepts involved in globalization, international, global, multicultural, etc., and uses the backward course design method to integrate measurable international learning outcomes into their courses.  This is followed by creating authentic assessments of student-centered learning activities.  Peer discussions address teaching and learning strategies that support internationalization efforts. All Spring meetings include guest lecturers who present on an international topic (and represent a world area) and discuss how it can be a teaching tool. The focus will be on the assessment of teaching and learning. ICAB faculty are expected to continue sharing the results of this work among their colleagues in the respective schools and departments with the possibility of disseminating assessment results on a national level through scholarship of teaching and learning venues and journals as well as at other national conferences.
  • The Many Faces of Human Trafficking (2011-2014)Study and discussion group:  Initiated in April 2011, this Faculty Study Group meets monthly to examine Trade in Human Beings (THB) – humans trafficked for sex and other labor services, such as domestic help, nursing, and agriculture.  Trafficked victims come from many source countries, enter the THB in different ways, and end up scattered across the U.S.  They speak different languages; they have different socioeconomic backgrounds, varying education and work histories, and differences in age, sex, and race/ethnicity.  The group creates a broad yet practical agenda focused on solutions, based on its diverse disciplinary perspectives on human behavior, legal issues, global economics, as well as trafficking itself.  The group develops a list of outside discussants, from U.S. and international organizations, who will be invited to contribute their expertise.  Speakers series:  Action starts with awareness, so a major objective is to educate the IU community via a speakers’ series on campus throughout the year.  The outside discussants will present public lectures or workshops on topics that contribute to understanding the breadth and depth of human trafficking issues.  For more information, please contact Stepanka Korytova at stepkory@indiana.edu.
  • Constitutions, Democracy, and Culture in Global Perspective (2009-2011) — A bi-weekly Faculty Study Group hosted by the Center for Constitutional Democracy during the 2010-11 academic year. The speakers in the series – both from IU and other institutions – will address issues in constitutionalism and democracy promotion, with particular attention to the aspects of culture that function as resources or challenges or both in the effort to build constitutional democracy.   Countries around the world have been writing and rewriting constitutions at an increasing rate in recent decades.  And democracy has become the almost universally claimed goal of governments and international organizations.  But there is still remarkably little understanding of the rule played by culture in the process of building constitutional democracy.  The academic and political controversy over whether human rights are subject to cultural variation is one example of the difficult issues raised by the interaction of culture with the goals of constitutional democracy.  The rise of “Asian constitutionalism” is another.  The speakers in our Faculty Study Group next year will address the relationships among constitutions, democracy and culture from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and within a range of global contexts.   Please contact Susan Williams for more information (shwillia@indiana.edu).
  • Middle East Conflict and Reform (2007-2011) — Ongoing seminar and lecture series, organized by faculty members from seven IU departments, to enhance the study and discussion of conflict and reform in the Middle East; exceptional scholars and practitioners are invited to give public lectures and seminars on campus and a faculty study group meets regularly to discuss papers by IU scholars and invited guests; contact Abdulkader H. Sinno
  • Global Learning Faculty Community (2007-2009) — Enhancing a level of intentionality that encourages schools, departments, and faculty to develop courses, construct syllabi, and design content and assignments that lend themselves more readily to the expectation and outcome of global competencies; the Global Learning Faculty Community, comprised of faculty representing twelve disciplines and five schools, considers global learning outcomes the first step in internationalization of the curricula of Indiana University; contact Hilary E. Kahn

  • Global Aging — Bringing together gerontologists, other health professionals, and academics (from more than a dozen countries) to explore implications of aging well from a global perspective
  • Global Warming Simulation — Creating a classroom project to prepare students about assuming different roles and identities as a way to show the complexity of arriving at a workable solution to a global problem

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