Joan Wynne, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at Florida International University and directs the Urban Education Master's Degree Program in the College of Education. The influence of her students and educators like Lisa Delpit, Asa G. Hilliard III, Robert P. Moses has driven her research and writing about transformational leadership, quality education as a constitutional right, and building partnerships between youth, parents, schools and communities. Her newest book, Confessions of a white educator: Stories in search of justice and diversity, explores what works and doesn’t work in public education. Her last ten years have been dedicated to two lines of inquiry.  One concerns researching the visionary curriculum and pedagogy of the Algebra Project and the Young People's Project, organizations that are deeply rooted in American history and grassroots communities. The second is the exploration of what it means to be a citizen of the world.  For the last three years, Wynne has been facilitating university faculty workshops to explore the content of global learning and the kind of pedagogy needed in the classroom, regardless of the discipline, to engage students in looking at the world through multiple lenses. She is committed to the vision of FIU to develop its students, through the global learning initiative, as collective problem-solvers, not just as individual vessels of knowledge for self-aggrandizement.