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Journals Accessible by IU Community Only

Most of the journals listed below have been selected for content relating directly to global or transcultural studies. Others are specific to a discipline, but actively global in scope. Because of publisher "embargos," some journals are not available in full text on-line for a set amount of time after publication. In that situation, the physical copy of the journal may be available in the Kent Cooper Room of the IU Bloomington's Wells Library. The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is useful for searching journals in IUCAT, and will return the specific journal sought.Online subscriptions to journals, containing the full text of articles for specific dates, are available through the Wells Library Global Studies resource page.

In addition to this targeted list, there are hundreds of on-line full text journals available via the Resource Gateway of the Wells Library Main page. From the on-line full text journals page, select a subject area from the drop down list, such as Earth and Environmental Science Journals (over 235 titles). Only students, staff, and faculty of IU may access these subscriptions.

Journal Title Description ISSN Coverage
Alternatives: Global, Local, Political. Formerly Alternatives: Social Transformation & Humane Governance
Explores relationships between local political practices and identities and emerging forms of global economy, culture, and polity.
0304-3754 1975 - present
Brown Journal of World Affairs Examination of contemporary international issues for leaders, academics and policymakers.
1080-0786 2002 - present
Buffalo Human Rights Law Review
Interdisciplinary legal analyses of human rights issues.
1098-3645 1995 - present
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Disseminates public health information of international significance, enabling effective and improving health, particularly among disadvantaged populations.See also: WHO Online
0042-9686 1996 - present
Capital & Class
Committed to developing a materialist critique of capitalism in the Marxist tradition. 0309-8168 1996 - present
Citizenship Studies
Contemporary issues in citizenship, human rights & democratic processes from an interdisciplinary perspective.
1362-1025 1998 - 1 year ago
Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Scholarly review of the interaction of human rights, the law and people's lives.
0090-7944 1995 - present
Communal/Plural: Journal of Transnational & Crosscultural Studies.
Focuses on changing cultural identities, social relations & political conflicts in an increasingly transnational, plural & diverse intercommunal world.Published from 04/1998-10/2001
1320-7873 1998 - 2001
Columbia Journal of World Business (1965-1996)
see Journal of World Business
0022-5428 1965 - 1996
Comparative Economic Studies (Flushing)
Analysis of economic policy research on the problems of creating market institutions in previously centrally planned economies.
0888-7233 1985 - 1 year ago
Comparative Education
Examines significant problems and trends throughout the world in education and in social, national and international development.
1360-0486 1964 - 18 months ago
Comparative Education Review
All aspects of education with analyses having far-reaching implications for policy and planning.
1545-701x 1957 - present
Comparative Literature
Explores important problems in literary theory and literary history not confined to a single national literature.
0010-4124 1949 - present
Comparative Literature Studies
Movements, themes, forms, the history of ideas, relations between authors, and the foundations of criticism and theory.
1528-4212 2000 - present
Comparative Political Studies
Theoretical and empirical research articles of cross-national study of the international political arena.
0010-4140 1968 - present
Comparative Politics
Comparative analysis of political institutions and behavior.
0010-4159 1968 - 2004
Comparative Sociology Formerly International Journal of Comparative Sociology (Brill)
Studies different cultures on a comparative basis. Contributions from sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists and related social scientists.
1569-1322 2000 - 20004
Comparative Studies in Society & History
International forum for new research and interpretation concerning problems of recurrent patterning and change in human societies through time and the contemporary world.
1475-2999 1958 - present
Convergence: International Journal for Adult Education
Addresses issues, practices and developments in the broad field of adult and nonformal education.
0010-8146 1990 - present
Cooperation & Conflict
Promotes research and understanding of international relations. Embraces a range of methodologies, approaches, traditions and schools.
0010-8367 1965 - present
Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal
International journal on all aspects of cross-cultural relationships at work.
1352-7606 1998 - present
Cultural Anthropology
Research results, critical essays, interviews, commentaries and discussion of cultural studies. 1548-1360 1986 - present
Cultural Geographies Formerly Ecumene
Interdisciplinary forum interested in the ways that people imagine, interpret, perform and transform their material and social environments.
1474-4740 1998 - present
Cultural Studies
Explores the relation between cultural practices, everyday life, material, economic, political, geographical, & historical contexts.
0950-2386 1987 - present
Cultural Survival Quarterly
Research on conflict and migration, culture, health, enterprise, law and self-determination of indigenous peoples worldwide. 0740-3291 1982 - present
Cultural Survival Voices
Newspaper encouraging action on behalf of indigenous peoples. 1937-1551 2001 - present
Culture, Health & Sexuality
Conceptual and methodological issues of culture and health beliefs, social structures and divisions, and the implications for reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing.
1369-1058 1999 - 1 year ago
Culture, Sport, Society
Forum for social anthropologists, sociologists, social historians, political scientists & others to consider issues associated with sport in societies, cultures & political systems.
1461-0981 2000 - 2003
Current Anthropology Research on humankind, encompassing social, cultural, and physical anthropology, ethnology and ethnohistory, archaeology and prehistory, folklore, and linguistics. 0011-3204 1959 - present
Current Sociology
Peer-reviewed shorter articles in all areas of sociology - theories, methods, concepts, substantive research, and national/regional developments.
0011-3921 1952 - present
Developing World Bioethics
Case studies, teaching materials, news in brief, and legal backgrounds on bioethics in developing countries.
1471-8847 2001 - present
Development: Journal of the Society for International Development
Activist and academic global development discourse, exploring initiatives at local, and international levels which promote sustainable livelihoods and women’s empowerment.
1011-6370 1999 - present
Development & Change
Articles on development studies and social change from all the social sciences concerned with development.
0012-155X 1997 - present
Development in Practice
Practice-based analysis and research on the social dimensions of development and humanitarianism from practitioners, policy makers, academics, and activists worldwide.
0961-4524 1986 - present
Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies
Multidisciplinary study of the history, culture, social structure, politics & economics of both the traditional diasporas & contemporary transnational dispersions.

2000 - present

Diplomacy & Statecraft
Articles on diplomatic history and reviews of recently declassified documents. Former diplomats & other practitioners contribute reflections on their experiences.
1557-301X 1990 - 1 year ago
International, radical, green journal for social and environmental activists who seek to change current developmental policies in both the developing and the developed world.
0261-3131 1993 - present
Economic Development and Cultural Change
Examines the economic and social forces that affect development and the impact of development on culture.
1539-2988 1952 - present
Economist.com: The Global Agenda
Concise analysis of international issues and events.

2001 - present

now Cultural Geographies
see Cultural Geographies
01/1998 - 10/2001
Emergences: Journal for the Study of Media & Composite Cultures
Addresses: composite interfaces--global/local; positionings and hyphenated cultures; redefinitions of the notion/nature of community; the impact of mediated images.
1045-7224 1999 - 2002
English World-Wide
Scholarly discussions of new findings in the dialectology and sociolinguistics of the English-speaking communities (native and second-language speakers),
0172-8865 2000 - present
Environment & Development Economics
At the intersection of economics, environment and development, publishes original papers addressed equally to the research and policy communities.
1355-770X 1997 - present
Environmental Economics & Policy Studies
International forum for debates among diverse disciplines such as environmental economics, environmental policy studies & related fields
1432-847X 1999 - 1 year ago
Ethics and International Affairs
Coverage of the moral dimensions of international affairs & how they relate to political, social, economic, & national security approaches.
0892-6794 1996 - present
Ethnic and Racial Studies
Research and theoretical analysis of race, ethnicity and nationalism.
1466-4356 1998 - present
International and interdisciplinary ethnographic study of social and cultural change.
1466-1381 2000 - present
Documentary materials and ethnographic data combine history and anthropology in the study of social and cultural processes and history. Focus on Native peoples of Americas.
1527-5477 1954 - present
European Journal of Cultural Studies Critical discussions on power relations concerning gender, class, sexual preference, ethnicity and other macro or micro sites of political struggle.
1367-5494 1998 - present
European Journal of Development Research
Debate and analysis on matters of policy, theory and practice, in all aspects of development studies.
0957-8811 1989 - 1 year ago
Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
Legal, political, economic, and diplomatic aspects of international affairs.
1046-1868 1997 - present
Foreign Affairs
Reviews current events as they affect US relations worldwide, focusing on international, political, commercial and cultural relations.
0015-7120 1922 - present
Foreign Policy

Presents articles dealing with the United States' attitude toward world affairs and current events.
0015-7228 1970 - present
Foreign Policy in Focus Policy analysis consonant with progressive principles, human rights and environemntal protection.
1524-1939 1999 - present
Gender and Development
Theory and practice of gender-oriented development. Records experiences, describes models of good practice, and disseminates information.
1355-2074 1993 - present
Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography
Debate in human geography and related disciplines on theoretically-informed research concerned with gender issues.
0966-369X 1994 - 1 year ago
The organisation of economic, political, social and environmental systems through space and over time.
0016-7185 1970 - present
All aspects of the social sciences with emphasis on political geography, international relations, the territorial aspects of political science & international law
1465-0045 2000 - 1 year ago
Global and Planetary Change
The causes, processes and limits of planetary change, inclduing climate change, sea level variation, human geography, global geophysics and biogeography.
0921-8181 1982 - present
Global Change Biology
Promotes understanding of current environmental change and biological systems, including climate change, loss of biodiversity, and eutrophication.
1354-1013 1995 - present
Global Development Finance
World Bank publication that tracks the annual movement of international capital flows to developing countries. More of a database than a journal.
1020-5454 1999 - present
Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions
Emphasizes human contributions to worldwide environmental changes and explores the diversity of human responses to impacts of global change.
0959-3780 1990 - present
Global Environmental Change Part B: Environmental Hazards
Addresses human and policy dimensions of hazards such as earthquakes and epidemics to technological failures such as industrial explosions, and toxic material releases.
1464-2867 1999 - 2005
Global Environmental Change Report
Twice-monthly newsletter covering policy, science, and industry news in the area of global environmental change.
1991 - 2005
Global Environmental Politics
Examines the relationship between global political forces and environmental change.
1536-0091 2001 - present
Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations
Impact of international institutions and multilateral processes on economic development, peace & security, human rights, and the environment.
1075-2846 1999 - present
Global Networks
Devoted to the social scientific understanding of global networks, transnational affairs and practices and their relation to wider theories of globalization.
1470-2266 2001 - present
Global Society: Journal of Interdisciplinary International Relations
Analyzes the internationalization of social interaction. Covers international relations, political science and philosophy, international law, and international conflict analysis.

1998 - 1 year ago

Harvard Human Rights Journal
Human rights scholarship by academics and practitioners, exchanging of ideas from a variety of international perspectives.
1057-5057 1993 - present
Human Rights Quarterly
Presents current work in human rights research and policy analysis,and philosophical essays probing the fundamental nature of human rights.
1085-794X 1981 - present
Human Rights Review (Piscatawy, N.J.)
Integrates social scientific information and historical perspective, while extending the autonomous and critical functions in the study of human rights.
1524-8879 1999 - 6 months ago
Human Rights Tribune
Addresses human rights from a non-governmental perspective in all countries. News and reports on human rights, women's rights, children's rights and indigenous issues.
1188-6226 1995 - present
Formerly Ethnic Groups.
Theories and developments in the study of the social and cultural composition of ethnic groups, problems relating to ethnic identity and the political implications of ethnicity.
1070-289X 1994 - 1 year ago
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Focuses on the intersection of global and domestic legal regimes, markets, politics, technologies, and cultures.
1543-0367 2003 - present
Intercultural Education
Formerly European Journal of Intercultural Studies
Analysis of issues dealing with education in plural societies.
1467-5986 2000 - 1 year ago
International Affairs (London)
European and global policy issues.
0020-5850 1975 - present
International Affairs (Moscow)
Journal of world politics, diplomacy and international relations published in both English and Russian.
0130-9641 1998 - present
International Feminist Journal of Politics
Covers how politics are influenced by women's issues.
1461-6742 1999 - present
International Journal of Comparative Sociology (Brill)
Now Comparative Sociology
see Comparative Sociology



1960 - present
International Journal of Comparative Sociology (de Sitter)
Systematic, theoretical and methodological analysis globally, cross-nationally, or of a single setting for the key purpose of furthering international study.
0020-7152 1960 - present
International Journal of Consumer Studies
Articles about goods and services, family and social studies, consumer issues and home economics. 1470-6431 2001 - present
International Journal of Educational Development Articles, case studies and research reports on educational developments and reforms driven by globalisation and international aid agencies. Particular focus on the Third World. 0738-0593 1993 - present
International Journal of Environmental Studies: Sections A&B
Section A: Relationship between man and his environment. Section B: Examines environmental problems and their solutions.
1984 - present
International Journal of Heritage Studies
Museum studies, tourism studies, heritage theory and history, conservation and restoration techniques and law, cultural studies.
2000 - 1 year ago
International Journal of Human Rights
Human rights issues and aspects of genocide, torture, capital punishment, the laws of war & war crimes, specific anti-personnel weapons & the global arms trade.
2000 - 1 year ago
International Journal of Intercultural Relations
Theory, practice, and research in intergroup relation, cultural similarities and differences, and critical descriptions of new training approaches.
0147-1767 1977 - present
International Journal of Social Economics
Articles, essays, and thematic issues on all aspects of social economics for an international audience.
0306-8293 1974 - present
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Theoretical development and empirical research from critical, comparative and geographic perspectives, concerned with the complex, changing roles of cities and regions.
0309-1317 1997 - present
International Journal on World Peace
Cross-cultural publication dealing with all aspects of peace from both theoretical and practical perspectives.
0742-3640 2002 - present
International Migration
Policy relevance in international migration, giving attention to policy concerns, comparative policy and coverage of all regions of the world.
0020-7985 1997 - present
International Migration Digest
Now International Migration Review
seeInternational Migration Review


1964 - 1966
International Migration Review
Formerly International Migration Digest
Sociodemographic, economic, historical, political and legislative aspects of human migration and refugee movements


1966 - present
International Organization
International political economy, international relations and international security.
0020-8183 1947 - present
International Peacekeeping
Theory and practice of peacekeeping, and the relationship between peacekeepers, authorities, civilians and NGOs.
1353-3312 1994 - present
International Planning Studies
Transnational comparative research in the fields of urban and regional studies, planning, economic development, environmental studies, transportation and governance.
1469-9265 1996 - 1 year ago
International Political Science Review
Political phenomena in the contemporary context of increasing international interdependence and global change.
0192-5121 1980 - present
International Security
All aspects of the control and use of force. Articles cover contemporary policy issues, and probe the historical and theoretical questions behind them.
0162-2889 1976 - present
International Social Science Journal
All aspects of international social science, with a particular interest in policy-relevant questions and interdisciplinary approaches.
0020-8701 1998 - 2006
International Social Security Review
International comparisons and in-depth discussions of topical questions as well as studies of social security systems in different countries.
0020-871X 1967 - 1 year ago
International Studies Perspectives
Concerned with four aspects of international studies: teaching, policy visions of the discipline and professional development.
1528-3577 2000 - present
International Studies Quarterly
Addresses theoretical, empirical, and normative concerns of international studies.
0020-8833 1967 - present
International Studies Review
Formerly Mershon International Studies Review
Dialogue and debate on current trends and research in internatinal studies. Essays, book reviews and a forum for debate.
1521-9488 1999 - present
Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies
Postcolonial research, theory and politics.
1369-801X 1998 - present
Journal of Agrarian Change
Investigation of the social relations and dynamics of production, property and power in agrarian formations and their processes of change, both historical and contemporary.
1471-0358 2001 - present
Journal of Comparative Family Studies
Cross-cultural perspective on the study of the family, promoting interaction between different cultures and lifestyles.
0047-2328 2002 - present
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Examines interrelationships between culture and psychological processes.
0022-0221 1970 - present
Journal of Cultural Geography
Research devoted to spatial aspects of cultures and cultural phenomena in the fields of geography, history, historic preservation, religious studies, and popular culture.
0887-3631 1996 - present
Journal of Developing Societies (Brill)
Now Perspectives on Global Development & Technology
Focuses on change in all times and places, from sociocultural implications of technology, from public policy to entrepreneurial activities, from globalization to individualization.
1985 - 1 year ago
Journal of Developing Societies (de Sitter)
Articles and reviews on the dynamics of change and development of nations, societies, cultures, and the global community. 0169-796X 1985 - 6 months ago
Journal of Development Studies
Interdisciplinary articles on development economics, politics and policy.
0022-0388 1964 - present
Journal of Environment & Development
Environment and development issues at the local, national, regional and international levels.
1552-5465 1992 - present
Journal of Genocide Research
Interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the study of genocide.
1462-3528 1999 - 1 year ago
Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM)
Reports on information resource management, managerial and organizational concerns, and innovative applications related to global IT.
1097-198X 2001 - present
Journal of Intercultural Studies
Research and theory of the accelerated movement of peoples between nations, expanded communication technologies and the globalization of cultures and identities
0725-6868 1998 - 1 year ago
Journal of International Affairs (New York)
Each issue covers a single topic in international affairs.
0022-197X 1952 - present
Journal of International Business Studies
Results of social science research and other types of articles that advance the understanding of business.
0047-2506 1970 - present
Journal of International Marketing (Chicago or Lansing)
Peer reviewed articles covering international marketing practice and theory through original research articles and executive insights.
1069-031X 1993 - present
Journal of Material Culture
Aims to systematically explore the linkage between the construction of social identities and the production and use of material culture.
1996 - present
Journal of Peace Research
Causes of violence, methods of conflict resolution and ways of sustaining peace, throughout history and around the globe.
0022-3433 1964 - present
Journal of World Business
was Columbia Journal of World Business
Focus on problems facing the global manager in human resource development, marketing, and strategic management. 1090-9516 1997 - present
Journal of World History
Historical analysis from a global point of view. Encourages research on influences across cultures and civilizations.
1045-6007 1996 - present
Journal of World-Systems Research (open access)
Analysis of world-systems from different theoretical stances, including evolutionary approaches, international political economy, comparative, historical and cultural analysis.
1995 - present
JOUVERT: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies (open access)
Refereed, multi-disciplinary journal of postcolonial theory, literature, history, arts, and politics.
1997 - 2003
Media, Culture & Society
International forum for research and discussion concerning the media within political, economic, cultural and historical contexts.
1979 - present
Mershon International Studies Review
now International Studies Review
see International Studies Review.
1994 - 1998
Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine
Blends scholarship and activism presenting a review of the month and feature articles on politics, economy, international relations, sociology and philosophy. 0027-0520
1949 - present
National Identities
Explores the formation and expression of national identity from antiquity to the present day, examining cultural and political factors.
1999 - 1 year ago
Nationalism & Ethnic Politics
Case studies and comparative analyses of the varied political aspects of nationalism and ethnicity. 1353-7113 1997 - present
Nations & Nationalism
Interdisciplinary journal studies ethnicity and nationalism.
1354-5078 1997 - 1 year ago
New Political Economy
Articles and commentary on international, environmental, comparative, and developmental economy.
1356-3467 1996 - 1 year ago
New Political Science
Analyses commited to progressive social change, holding that political and cultural development cannot be understood in isolation from each other.
0739-3148 1979 - present
Oxford Development Studies
Multidisciplinary analysis of theories and policy issues in all aspects of development, publishing quantitative papers as well as surveys of literature. 1360-0818
1996 - 1 year ago

Passages: Interdisciplinary Journal of Global Studies formerly Passages: A Journal of Transnational & Transcultural Studies

Coverage of the world of the twenty-first century from the emergence of social, textual, political and economic grounds. 1388-4433 1999 - 2001
Peace Review
Focuses on current issues and controversies that underlie the promotion of a more peaceful world.
1040-2659 1989 - present
Peacekeeping & International Relations
Facts and opinions on all aspects of peacekeeping written by experts knowledgeable in theory and practice.
1994 - 2001
Perspectives on Global Development & Technology was Journal of Developing Societies (Brill)
Discussion of current social science research on diverse socioeconomic development issues reflecting altered opportunities and threats caused by global world order shift. 1569-1500 2001 - 1 year ago
Political Geography
Current political geography research covering 'traditional' topics; quantitative, positivist studies; political economy approaches; and post-structuralist analyses of geopolitics. 0962-6298
1992 - present
Population & Development Review
Study of interrelationships between population and socioeconomic development and discussion of related issues of public policy.
0098-7921 1975 - present
Postcolonial Studies: Culture, Politics, Economy
Explores the various facets--textual, figural, spatial, historical, political, and economic--of the colonial encounter, and the ways in which it shaped the West & non-West alike.
1368-8790 1998 - 1 year ago
Public Culture
Critically examines global culture in the public sphere, from popular or folk culture to global advertising, consumption, and information networks.
0899-2363 1999 - present
Review of Education, Pedagogy & Cultural Studies
Relates pedagogy to a wide variety of political, social, cultural, and economic issues.
1997 - present
Review of International Affairs
Contemporary world affairs and strategic studies.
2001 - 2004
Review of International Political Economy
Debates the direction of contemporary globalization and altered structures of international governance and regulation.
0969-2290 1994 - present
Review of International Studies
International relations and related fields such as politics, history, law, and sociology.

1997 - present

Round Table (London)
Analysis and commentary on all aspects of international affairs and coverage of the policy issues concerning the contemporary Commonwealth.
0035-8533 1912 - present
Science & Society: A Journal of Marxist Thought & Analysis
Political economy and the economic analysis of contemporary societies; social and political theory; history, labor, ethnic and women's studies; aesthetics, literature and the arts.
2001 - present
Security Dialogue
Interregional analysis of security issues such as globalisation, nationalism, ethnic conflict, information technology, warfare, environmental and human security.
1970 - present
Social Alternatives
Analyses, critiques, and reviews of contemporary social, cultural, economic, and ecological developments. Also publishes short stories and poetry. 0155-0306
1990 - present
Social and Cultural Geography
Research concerned with the the role of space, place and culture in relation to social issues, cultural politics, consumption, identity and community, and historical legacies.
2000 - 1 year ao
Social Identities: Journal for the study of Race, Nation and Culture
Addresses issues of social identity such as race, nation and ethnicity, as well as the emergence of new forms of racism and nationalism as discriminatory exclusions.
1350-4630 1995 - present
Studies in Comparative International Development
Political, social, and economic change in national, comparative, and international contexts.
0039-3606 1965 - present
Studies in World Christianity
Discusess new forms of Christianity as adapted by traditionally non-Christian cultures.
1998 - present
Swiss Review of World Affairs
Each issue focuses on political, social, economic events in a single country or region Covers topics such as debt, immigration, and corruption.
03/1993 - 12/1997
Terrorism & Political Violence
Studies the political meaning of terrorist activity and the links between political violence and organized crime, protest, rebellion, revolution, and human rights.
1989 - present
Third World Quarterly: Journal of Emerging Areas
Looks beyond development studies, providing a reflective analysis of micro-economic and grassroot efforts of development practitioners and planners.
0143-6597 1979 - present
Urban Studies
Provides theoretically and empirically informed analysis of the myriad changes affecting the urban and regional condition in the nations around the world..
0042-0980 1993 - 1 year ago
Women's Studies International Forum
Feminist research in the multidisciplinary, international area of women's studies and other disciplines.
1982 - present
World Affairs (Washington)
Issues of international conflict, bringing together divergent views and analyses of other important topics.
0043-8200 1974 - present
World Archaeology
Archaeology on a worldwide multi-period basis, adopting a broad comparative approach to important issues on a global scale.
0043-8243 1969 - present
World Bank Economic Review
Specializes in quantitative development policy analysis. Articles examine policy choices emphasizing policy relevance rather than theory or methodology.
0258-6770 1986 - 1 year ago
World Bank Research Observer
Debates key issues in development economics and developmental policy, and surveys literature and the latest World Bank research.
0257-3032 1986 - 1 year ago
World Development
Explores ways of improving standards of living, by examining solutions to problems such as: poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, disease, lack of shelter, and environmental degradation. 0305-750X
1973 - present
World Economy
Trade policy and other open economy issues, embracing international trade and finance, the environment, and development.
0378-5920 1977 - present
World Englishes
Study of varieties of English in their distinctive cultural, sociolinguistic and educational contexts.
0883-2919 1985 - present
World Literature Today
Articles, essays and criticism on recent belles lettres in all the major and many of the minor languages of the world, short articles on contemporary writers and literary movements.
1975 - present
World Policy Journal

Forum for international relations policy debate, interested in human rights, international economics, and American hegemony.

0740-2775 1988 - present
World Politics
Articles and research representing all disciplines, methods, and viewpoints relevant to international relations and comparative politics.
0043-8871 1948 - present
World Watch (Washington D.C.)
Examines connections between human economies and global changes in climate, forest cover, population, poverty, water resources, biological diversity.
2000 - present

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