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Journals Accessible by the General Public

These journals have been selected by the Librarian as relevant to global studies, either broadly or with a specific topic focus. They all provide some degree of open access for the general public, from full text and graphics, to archival text only. Many of the journals are published solely on-line, but still provide scholarly peer review of published articles. (Listed in alphabetical order)

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Accord: an international review of peace initiatives
ISSN: 1365-0742
Web page:
Each publication is produced by working closely with local organizations in each country. Publications include detailed narrative and analysis on different peace processes and themes such as public participation in peacemaking and engaging armed groups in peace processes.
Each edition looks at the experiences and reflections of people with first-hand or expert knowledge of peace processes and analyses the issues from a practitioner's viewpoint. (Publications page, 2008)
Area: Peace
Peace movements
Peace process
Public participation

ACME: an international e-journal for critical geographies
ISSN: 1492-9732
Web page: http://www.acme-journal.org/index.html
Began: 2002
Synopsis: ACME is an on-line international journal for critical and radical analyses of the social, the spatial and the political. The journal's purpose is to provide a forum for the publication of critical and radical work about space in the social sciences - including anarchist, anti-racist, environmentalist, feminist, marxist, postcolonial, poststructuralist, queer, situationist and socialist perspectives. Analyses that are critical and radical are understood to be part of the praxis of social and political change aimed at challenging, dismantling, and transforming prevalent relations, systems, and structures of capitalist exploitation, oppression, imperialism, neo-liberalism, national aggression, and environmental destruction.
Area: Social sciences
Human geography
Power (Social sciences)
Political science
Spatial behavior

Acta literaria
ISSN: 0717-6848
Web page: http://www.scielo.cl/scielo.php?script=sci%5Fserial&pid=0717-6848&lng=en&nrm=iso
Began: 1975
Synopsis: Theoretical approach to the study of literature, with emphasis on Hispanic literature.
Area: Literature History and criticism

Acta palaeontologica Polonica
ISSN: 0567-7920
Web page: http://app.pan.pl/
Began: 1956
Synopsis: Since its founding by Roman Kozłowski in 1956, various currents of modern paleontology have been represented in the contents of the journal, especially those rooted in biologically oriented paleontology, an area he helped establish. In-depth studies of all kinds of fossils, of the mode of life of ancient organisms and structure of their skeletons are welcome, as those offering stratigraphically ordered evidence of evolution. Work on vertebrates and applications of fossil evidence to developmental studies, both ontogeny and astogeny of clonal organisms, have a long tradition in our journal. Evolution of the biosphere and its ecosystems, as inferred from geochemical evidence, has also been the focus of studies published in the journal.
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica is indexed in Biological Abstracts, Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences, GeoArchive, Geological Abstracts, GeoRef, PASCAL, Polish Scientific Journals Contents-Agric.& Biol. Sci., Referativnyj žurnal, Research Alert, Science Citation Index Expanded, SciSearch, and Zoological Record.

Area: Paleontology Poland.

Adult education and development
ISSN: 0342-7633
Web page: http://www.iiz-dvv.de/englisch/Publikationen/erwachsenenbildung.htm
Began: 1973
Synopsis: Issues relating to practice, new research findings about adult education and documentations such as:
Literacy and basic education; Adult education and participation; Media and materials; Environmental education and agriculture; Combating poverty and development of livelihood strategies; Vocational training and continuing education; Health education and AIDS; Adult education policy and financing; Migration and integration; Education specifically for women or men.
Area: Adult Education
Vocational training
Continuing education
Health education

Advancing women in leadership
ISSN: 1093-7099
Web page: http://www.advancingwomen.com/awl.html
Began: 1997
Synopsis: Advancing Women In Leadership represents the first on-line professional, refereed journal for women in leadership. The journal publishes manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, or analyze scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues.
Area: Women employees United States
Professional employees
Women executives

African journal on conflict resolution
ISSN: 1562-6997
Web page: http://www.accord.org.za/ajcr/intro.htm
Began: 1999
Synopsis: The African Journal on Conflict Resolution (AJCR) publishes the writings of a wide range of African and international authors in the field, but emphasis has deliberately been kept on African writers and the thinking emerging from African universities, colleges and organisations.
Area: Conflict management South Africa
South Africa Social conditions 1994
Africa Social conditions 1960

African studies quarterly
ISSN: 1093-2658
Web page: http://web.africa.ufl.edu/asq/
Began: 1997
Synopsis: ASQ is an interdisciplinary, fully refereed, online journal dedicated to publishing the finest scholarship relating to the African continent.
ASQ is indexed in Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS) and by the Gale Group.
Area: Africa Study and teaching

Agora: an online graduate journal
ISSN: 1496-9580
Web page: http://www.humanities.ualberta.ca/agora/
Began: 2001
Synopsis: An international peer-reviewed electronic journal of graduate and senior scholarship. Implicit in the journal name, and forming the journal focus, is a public forum of debate and dialogue that addresses issues of critical scholarship regarding the literary arts, the public sphere, the nature of communication, and the humanities, as they relate to the academic and general community.
Area: Humanities

Agronomy research
ISSN: Web page: http://www.eau.ee/%7Eagronomy
Began: 2003
Synopsis: A peer-reviewed international journal intended for publication of broad-spectrum original articles in actual problems of modern agriculture including: crop and animal science, genetics, economics, technical aspects, agriculture and environmental relations, etc.
Area: Agronomy
Baltic States

Ambiente & sociedade
ISSN: 1414-753X
Web page: http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci%5Fserial&pid=1414-753X&lng=en&nrm=iso
Began: 1997
Synopsis: Ambiente & Sociedade is published twice a year by researchers from several academic institutions that are specialized in the title-theme. It publishes scientific work from international and national collaborators, upon revision made by peer reviewers.
Area: Human ecology
Environmental protection

Americana: the journal of American popular culture, 1900 to the present
ISSN: 1553-8931
Web page: http://www.americanpopularculture.com/journal/index.htm
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Features scholarly research papers for an academic audience, on American popular culture.
Area: Popular culture United States
United States Civilization

AMS newsletter
ISSN: 1095-1296
Web page: http://www.ametsoc.org/AMS/newsltr/index.html
Began: 1996
Area: American Meteorological Society

Animus: a philosophical journal for our time
ISSN: 1209-0689
Web page: http://www.swgc.mun.ca/animus/
Began: 1996
Synopsis: This Journal aims at an understanding of the works of Western civilization and contemporary views of these works. It seeks to promote a standpoint which is critical of dogmatic positions both within contemporary views and within the Western tradition itself.
Area: Philosophy
Philosophy, Modern 20th century
Philosophy, Modern 21st century

ISSN: 1108-4081
Web page: http://www.anistor.gr/english/index.htm
Began: 1997
Synopsis: Anistoriton is an electronic Journal of History, Archaeology and ArtHistory. It publishes scholarly papers since 1997 and it is freely available on the Internet. All papers and images since vol. 1 (1997) are available on line as well as on the free Anistorion CD-ROM edition.
Area: History
Archaeology and history
Art and history

Annual of Urdu studies = Salnamah-i dirasat-i Urdu
ISSN: 0734-5348
Web page: http://www.urdustudies.com/
Began: 1981
Synopsis: The aim of the AUS is to provide scholars working on Urdu humanities in the broadest sense a forum in which to publish scholarly articles, translations, and views. The AUS will also publish reviews of books, an annual inventory of significant Western publications in the field, reports, research-in-progress, notices, and information on forthcoming events of interest to its readers (conferences, workshops, competitions, awards, etc.). Each issue of the AUS will also include a section in the Urdu script featuring old and new writing.
The AUS is indexed by the Bibliography of Asian Studies, EBSCO Database Services (Current Abstracts, TOC Premier EBSCO, Humanities InternationalComplete and Humanities International Index), the IBZ (Internationale Bibliographie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenliteratur), the Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen Wissenschaftlicher Literatur, MLA Abstracts of Articles in Scholarly Journals, and the MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literatures, and is available in most of the major university libraries in Europe and North America.

Urdu literature

AntePodium: an Antipodean electronic journal of world affairs
ISSN: 1173-5716
Web page: http://www.vuw.ac.nz/atp/
Began: 1995
Synopsis: AntePodium is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to scholarly research on the politico-strategic, politico-economic and politico-cultural dimensions of world affairs. In existence since 1995, it is one of the first ever online academic journals. It encourages the development of critical, subversive, and innovative theoretical approaches to the study of world affairs. AntePodium is interdisciplinary and eclectic. It is not confined to traditional political science boundaries and welcomes articles from interested academics from a wide range of disciplines. (Main page, 2008)

Apples: applied language studies
ISSN: 1457-9863
Web page: http://www.solki.jyu.fi/apples/
Began: 2001
Synopsis: Includes articles on theory and methodology in applied linguistics, mother-tongue and second/foreign language learning and teaching, inluding information and communication technology, language testing and evaluation, language policy and planning, language in social life, and applied semiotics.
Area: Applied linguistics

ARBEC: ASEAN review of biodiversity and environmental conservation : Web-journal dedicated to the study of South East Asian biodiversity
ISSN: Web page: http://www.arbec.com.my/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Provides an extensive collection of reports and information on environment and biological diversity in Southeast Asia. Includes expedition reports, raptor watch, atlas, virtual museum, and biodiversity news. Some documents in .pdf format.
Area: Biodiversity conservation.
Ecosystem management.
Conservation of natural resources.
Natural resources.
Environmental policy.
Southeast Asia.

Arid lands newsletter
ISSN: 1092-5481
Web page: http://ag.arizona.edu/OALS/ALN/ALNHome.html
Began: 1989
Synopsis: International newsletter for exploring events and issues of interest to arid lands researchers, resource managers, and policy makers.
Area: Arid regions

Asian EFL journal
ISSN: 1738-1460
Web page: http://www.asian-efl-journal.com
Began: 1999
Synopsis: The Asian-EFL-Journal is a unique and major forum devoted to discussions on English as an International Language research and development. Our global readership includes linguists, teachers, students of language acquisition and others with a professional interest in English second language acquisition. Journals are produced on-line and in hard cover. Our goal is to bring the highest quality SLA research to the global academic audience.
Area: English language Study and teaching Foreign speakers
Language Research
second language acquisition research

Asian Ethnology (formerly Asian folklore studies)
ISSN: Web page: http://www.nanzan-u.ac.jp/SHUBUNKEN/publications/afs/afsMain.htm
Began: 1963
Synopsis: Asian Ethnology is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the promotion of scholarly research on the peoples and cultures of Asia. It began in China as Folklore Studies in 1942 and is now published semi-annually at Nanzan University in Japan.
Asian Ethnology seeks to deepen understanding and further the pursuit of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Asia. We wish to facilitate intellectual exchange between Asia and the rest of the world, and particularly welcome submissions from scholars based in Asia. The journal presents formal essays and analyses, research reports, and critical book reviews relating to a wide range of topical categories, including:
narratives, performances, and other forms of cultural representation; popular religious concepts; vernacular approaches to health and healing; local knowledge; collective memory and uses of the past.
Area: Folklore Asia
Asia Social life and customs

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ISSN: 0006-0887
Web page: http://www.bsw.org/project/biblica/
Began: 1920
Synopsis: Published since 1920 by the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, Biblica is a research journal and appears four times a year.
It is dedicated to biblical studies on the Old and New Testament, and intertestamentary literature, and covers fields of reseach, such as exegesis, philology, and history.
Area: Biblical studies
Old Testament
New Testament

BMC international health and human rights
ISSN: 1472-698X
Web page: http://www.biomedcentral.com/bmcinthealthhumrights/
Began: 2001
Synopsis: An open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in health care in developing and transitional countries, and all issues relating to health and human rights. Indexed/tracked/covered by PubMed, CAS, Scopus, EMBASE and Google Scholar.
Area: Medical care Developing countries
Human rights Health aspects
Human rights
Health aspects
World Health
Delivery of Health Care
Developing Countries

Borderlands e-journal
ISSN: 1447-0810
Web page: http://www.borderlandsejournal.adelaide.edu.au/issues/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Borderlands is a fully (double-blind) refereed international journal of the humanities and social sciences. It has been publishing since 2002, and brings out 3 issues per year, in May, October and December. Has essays and reviews in a wide range of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. Full text is available via the "all issues" page. (2008)
Area: Humanities
Social sciences

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CLCWeb: comparative literature and culture : a WWWeb journal
ISSN: 1481-4374
Web page: http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/clcweb
Began: 1998
Synopsis: Focuses on the study of literature and culture in an international, cross-disciplinary context.
Area: Literature, Comparative
Literature and Culture

Complicity: an international journal of complexity and education
ISSN: 1710-5668
Web page: http://www.complexityandeducation.ualberta.ca/journal.htm
Began: 2004
Synopsis: An international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly and original research articles on all aspects of education which are informed by complexity theories. It is currently the only journal in existence to focus specifically on the implications of complexity for education and educational research. The journal strives to serve as a forum for both theoretical and practical contributions to this comparatively recent field of educational research and to facilitate the exchange of diverse ideas and points of view related to complexity theories in education. Submissions are invited from both scholars and practitioners. The journal is currently published once a year, either in July or December. (2008)
Area: Complexity (Philosophy)
Education Research

Cromohs: cyber review of modern historiography
ISSN: 1123-7023
Web page: http://www.cromohs.unifi.it/
Began: 1996
Synopsis: Cromohs is the first electronic review of history of modern historiography and its aim is the establishment - making use of world wide web resources - of a particularly effective on-line resource for studies and research relating to modern historical culture (historiography, erudition, philosophies of history, methodologies of historical research, didactics of history). (2008)
Area: Historiography
Culture Historiography
History Methodology
Learning and scholarship History

Crossroads: the ASA journal
ISSN: 1825-7208
Web page: http://www.webasa.org/crossroads.htm
Began: 2001
Synopsis: Scholarly articles, commentaries, and opinion pieces dealing with the international dimensions of political economy, economics, political science, business, and law. Crossroads is abstracted and indexed in: Social Science Research Network (SSRN) - http://www.ssrn.com/ and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) - http://www.doaj.org/
Area: Economics
Political science

ISSN: Web page: http://eserver.org/cultronix/
Began: 1994
Synopsis: "Cultronix is an interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies, addressing critical issues in contemporary institutions and practices. It publishes contributions spanning a wide range of media, and encourages contributors to use new media in order to expand critical and theoretical work to Internet reading audiences."--Home page.
Area: Mass media
Computer network resources

Culture machine: the journal
ISSN: 1465-4121
Web page: http://www.culturemachine.net/
Began: 1999
Synopsis: The aim of Culture Machine is to seek out and promote the most provocative of new work, and analyses of that work, in culture and theory from a diverse range of international authors. (Ulrich's, 2008)
Area: Social sciences
Critical theory
Philosophy, Modern 20th century
Philosophy, Modern 21st century

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Demographic research
ISSN: 1435-9871
Web page: http://www.demographic-research.org/
Began: 1999
Synopsis: Demographic Research publishes demographic research and related material from the full range of disciplines that bear on demography; the journal harnesses the potential of the Internet and, by freely and widely disseminating research papers over the Web, encourages the development of an international community of people concerned with population issues.
Area: Population research
Population Dynamics

ISSN: Web page: http://www.disputatio.com/index.html
Began: 1996
Synopsis: Publishes articles on all aspects of analytical philosophy, especially those dealing with current issues in the philosophies of language, logic and mind, written in either English or Portuguese. (Submissions page)
Area: Analysis (Philosophy)
Philosophy, Modern 20th century
Semantics (Philosophy)

Double take, points of entry
ISSN: 1558-4828
Web page: http://doubletakecommunity.org
Began: 2006
Synopsis: Advocates narrative writing in journalism. Prints literary journalism, essays, fiction. (Ulrich's) Only 4 issues, 2006-2007; ceased January 2008.
Area: American literature 21st century
Journalism Authorship

Duke journal of comparative & international law
ISSN: 1053-6736
Web page: http://www.law.duke.edu/journals/djcil/
Began: 1991
Synopsis: Covers issues in international, transnational, and comparative law. The Journal features articles from a variety of areas, such as corporate law, environmental protection, national security, human rights, and others. In its eighteen years of existence, the Journal has become one of the most prestigious and frequently cited international journals. (From Submissions page, 2008)
Area: International law
Comparative law
Law reviews North Carolina.

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Earth negotiations bulletin: a reporting service for environment and development negotiations
ISSN: Web page: http://www.iisd.ca/voltoc.html
Began: 1992
Synopsis: The Earth Negotiations Bulletin is a balanced, timely and independent reporting service that provides daily information in print and electronic formats from multilateral negotiations on environment and development. It is published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), a non-profit organization based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The office of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin is based in New York City, two blocks from the United Nations. (From Background page, 2008)
Area: Geography
Environmental protection
Sustainable Development

Earth observation magazine (EOM)
ISSN: 1936-3877
Web page: http://www.eomonline.com/
Began: 1992-2005
Synopsis: EOM is the magazine that puts geotechnologies in context. Illuminates the state of the art in products and applications, and clarify how the offerings and uses relate to day-to-day users as well as citizens at large. Hardware, software, applications, standards, policies and a host of other key ingredients swirl about as universities, private companies and governments from local to national put geotechnology to use. Mission is to uncover how this work impacts your role as a geospatial professional and a citizen of planet earth. EOM circulated to 20,500 professionals involved in mapping, remote sensing, GPS, GIS in many vertical industries such as engineering, environmental, forestry, urban planning, utilities, petroleum, mining, and local, state and federal government. EOM stopped production in 2005, but archived issues are available on their webpage. (From About us page, 2008)
Area: Remote sensing
Geographic information systems
Global Positioning System
Earth sciences Remote sensing
Environmental monitoring

EARTHmatters : a publication of the Columbia Earth Institute
ISSN: Web page: http://www.earthinstitute.columbia.edu/library/
Began: 1997
Area: Columbia Earth Institute
Environmental protection

Ecology and society
ISSN: 1708-3087
Web page:http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/Journal/
Began: 1997
Synopsis: Ecology and Society is an electronic, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research. Content of the journal ranges from the applied to the theoretical. In general, papers should cover topics relating to the ecological, political, and social foundations for sustainable social-ecological systems. Specifically, the journal publishes articles that present research findings on the following issues: (a) the management, stewardship and sustainable use of ecological systems, resources and biological diversity at all levels, (b) the role natural systems play in social and political systems and conversely, the effect of social, economic and political institutions on ecological systems and services, and (c) the means by which we can develop and sustain desired ecological, social and political states. (From Focus & Scope, 2008)
Area: Conservation biology
Applied ecology
Conservation of natural resources

Educação e pesquisa : revista da Faculdade de Educação da USP
ISSN: 1517-9702
Web page: http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci%5Fserial&pid=1517-9702&lng=en&nrm=iso
Began: 1999
Synopsis: Covers psychology, methodology, philosophy, history, and administration of education, and comparative education. (Ulrich's)
Area: Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade deEducação

Ehealth international
ISSN: 1476-3591
Web page: http://www.ehealthinternational.org/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Publishes articles promoting the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration.
Area: Medicine Communication systems
Medical informatics
Medicine Data processing
Medical records Data processing
Health Education
Patient Education
Health Services Administration

Electronic green journal
ISSN: 1076-7975
Web page: http://egj.lib.uidaho.edu/index.php/egj
Began: 1994
Synopsis: A professional refereed publication devoted to disseminating information concerning sources on international environmental topics including: assessment, conservation, development, disposal, education, hazards, pollution, resources, technology, and treatment.
Area: Environmental sciences
Information services

ISSN: 1445-5218
Web page: http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/eras/editions.htm
Began: 2001
Synopsis: Aims to be an international forum for current or recently completed Masters and PhD students to publish original research, comment and reviews in any field covered by the School's teaching and research. (Ulrich's)
Area: History

ERCES online quarterly review
ISSN: 1811-9123
Web page: http://www.erces.com/journal/Journal.htm
Began: 2004
Synopsis: The journal is dedicated to investigation & fundamental theoretical discussion of crime and deviance, providing a focal centre for ethics, social philosophy and social theory discussion. In particular, it is committed to provide criminologists and deviancy-theorists with fundamental ethical, historical and social-philosophical issues. (Homepage, 2008))
Area: Criminology
Crime Sociological aspects
Crime Moral and ethical aspects
Criminal behavior Sociological aspects
Criminal behavior Moral and ethical aspects
Social sciences Philosophy

Ethica: an international journal for moral philosophy = Revista internacional de filosofia da moral
ISSN: 1677-2954
Web page: http://www.cfh.ufsc.br/ethic@/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: An international journal for moral philosophy (homepage, 2008)
Area: Ethics

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Forum, qualitative social research
ISSN: 1438-5627
Web page: http://bibpurl.oclc.org/web/4673 http://qualitative-research.net/fqs/fqs-eng.htm
Began: 2000
Synopsis: Fosters discussion among qualitative researchers from various nations and social science disciplines. (Ulrich's, 2008)
Area: Qualitative research
Social sciences Research

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Global Issues
ISSN: Web page: http://usinfo.state.gov/pub/ejournalusa/global_issues.html
Began: 1999
Synopsis: The Bureau of International Information Programs of the U.S. Department of State publishes electronic journals in five thematic areas under the eJournal USA logo -- Economic Perspectives, Global Issues, Issues of Democracy, Society and Values, and Foreign Policy Agenda -- that examine major issues facing the United States and the international community as well as U.S. society, values, thought, and institutions.
One new journal is published monthly in English and is followed by versions in French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Selected editions also appear in Arabic, Chinese, and Persian. Each of the five is catalogued by volume (the number of years in publication) and by number (the number of issues that appear during the year).
The opinions expressed in the journals do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S. government. The U.S. Department of State assumes no responsibility for the content and continued accessibility of Internet sites to which the journals link; such responsibility resides solely with the publishers of those sites. Journal articles, photographs, and illustrations may be reproduced and translated outside the United States unless they carry explicit copyright restrictions, in which case permission must be sought from the copyright holders noted in the journal.
Area: International Information United States
U.S. State Department

Global media journal
ISSN: 1550-7521
Web page: http://www.globalmediajournal.com
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Global Media Journal is dedicated to the study of international, intercultural, and mass communication. Encourages media scholars, media professionals, and graduate students to submit scholarly articles, critical essays, graduate research results, book reviews, and opinion pieces--related to the global communication--from throughout the world. (Submissions page)
Area: Mass media Social aspects
Mass media Political aspects

Globality studies journal
ISSN: 1557-0266
Web page: http://www.stonybrook.edu/globality/
Began: 2005
Synopsis: Globality Studies Journal (GSJ) is an open access journal committed to interdisciplinary analyses of global history and society, global civilization and local cultures. Contains articles on theoretical, empirical, historical, and comparative studies that seek to assess globality across the geobody in times past and present. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: World history

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History of intellectual culture
ISSN: 1492-7810
Web page: http://www.ucalgary.ca/hic/website/homepage/main.htm
Began: 2001
Synopsis: History of Intellectual Culture is an international peer-reviewed academic electronic journal that provides a forum for publication and discussion of original research on the socio-historical contexts of ideas and ideologies and their relationships to community and state formation, physical environments, human and institutional agency, personal and collective identity, and lived experience. The journal highlights the viability and vibrancy of intellectual history as a scholarly field, presents new perspectives for research and analysis, and promotes critical discussion among researchers, scholars, and students across disciplines. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Intellectual life History
Social history
Canada Intellectual life
Canada Social conditions

Hygiea internationalis: an interdisciplinary journal for the history of public health
ISSN: 1404-4013
Web page: http://www.ep.liu.se/ej/hygiea/
Began: 1999
Synopsis: Hygiea Internationalis is the official journal of the International Network for the History of Public Health, funded by the generosity of the Swedish Research Council (VR) and Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS). The focus of INHPH is to promote the study of the history of collective efforts for the improvement of the health of populations from antiquity to modernity with particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary analysis of the interaction between ideas on public health, organizations created to carry out these ideas, their implementation, and their social and demographic consequences. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Public health and safety
Medical Sciences

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Idea: a journal of social issues
ISSN: 1523-1712
Web page: http://www.ideajournal.com/
Began: 1996
Synopsis: IDEA is a peer-reviewed electronic journal created for the exchange of ideas related mainly, to cults, mass movements, autocratic power, war, genocide, democide, holocaust, and murder.
Area: Crimes against humanity
Offenses against the person Psychological aspects
Collective behavior

IMF staff papers
ISSN: 1020-7635
Web page: http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/staffp/archive.htm
Began: 1999
Synopsis: The IMF Staff Papers publishes high quality research produced by IMF staff and invited guests on a variety of topics of interest to a broad audience including academics and policymakers in the member countries of the IMF. The papers selected for publication in the journal are subject to an extensive review process using both internal and external referees. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Foreign exchange
Currency question
International Economy

International education journal: Comparative Perspectives (IEJ)
ISSN: 1443-1475
Web page: http://www.iejcomparative.org/
Began: 1999
Synopsis: A bi-annual, international, open-to-air and hardcopy journal for advancing the academic quality and rigor in comparative and international education research. Through the journal, the Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society is committed to making available substantive research findings that are: of importance for educational policy and practice; theoretical and/or practice-based; and cross-disciplinary, integrating education with academic disciplines such as anthropology, demography, economics, history, law, linguistics, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: International education
Education policy and practice

International electronic journal for leadership in learning (IEJLL)
ISSN: 1206-9620
Web page: http://bibpurl.oclc.org/web/4684 http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/%7Eiejll
Began: 1997
Synopsis: The International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning (IEJLL) promotes the study and discussion of substantive leadership issues that are of current concern in educational communities. Preference is given to articles and commentaries that focus upon issues with a significant impact upon life in schools. (IEJL statement of purpose, 2008)

Area: Educational leadership

The international electronic journal of health education
ISSN: 1529-1944
Web page: http://www.aahperd.org/iejhe/index.html
Began: 1998
Synopsis: Presents a complete text of articles ranging from research to theory-based manuscripts as well as series of interviews with legends in the field of health education, promotion, and behavior. (from Ulrich's, 2008)
Area: Health education
Health behavior
Health promotion

International journal for educational integrity (IJEI)
ISSN: 1833-2595
Web page: http://www.ojs.unisa.edu.au/journals/index.php/IJEI
Began: 2005
Synopsis: "The IJEI ... challenges readers to consider the changing nature of education in a globalised environment, and the impact that conceptions of educational integrity have on issues of pedagogy, academic standards, intercultural understanding and equity. Articles of interest to the IJEI readership may include but are not limited to the following areas as they relate to educational integrity: plagiarism, cheating, academic integrity, honour codes, teaching and learning, university governance and student motivation"--Focus and scope (publisher's Web site, viewed Jan. 27, 2006).
Area: Education, Higher Moral and ethical aspects
College students Conduct of life
College teachers Professional ethics
Integrity Study and teaching (Higher)
Honor system (Higher education)
Cheating (Education)

International journal for equity in health
ISSN: 1475-9276
Web page: http://www.equityhealthj.com/home/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: International Journal for Equity in Health is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal presenting evidence relevant to the search for, and attainment of, equity in health across and within countries. The journal aims to improve the understanding of issues that influence the health of populations. This includes the discussion of political, policy-related, economic, social and health services-related influences, particularly with regard to systematic differences in distributions of one or more aspects of health in population groups defined demographically, geographically, or socially. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Health services accessibility
Equality Health aspects
Health Services Accessibility
Socioeconomic Factors

International journal of communication
ISSN: 1932-8036
Web page: http://ijoc.org
Began: 2007
Synopsis: The International Journal of Communication is an online, multi-media, academic journal that adheres to the highest standards of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world. It is an interdisciplinary journal that, while centered in communication, is open and welcoming to contributions from the many disciplines and approaches that meet at the crossroads that is communication study. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Communication

International journal of communications law and policy (IJCLP)
ISSN: 1439-6262
Web page: http://www.ijclp.net/
Began: 1998
Synopsis: The IJCLP is an electronic journal devoted to the changing law, policy and technology of media regulation around the world. As a result of technological convergence, we understand "communication" to include the content and carriage of traditional broadcasting and cable as well as internet and telecommunications. Covers a wide range of topics relating to structural and behavioural regulation and policy in the converging sectors of computing, telecommunications and broadcasting. (Welcome page, 2008)
Area: Communication Mass media
Communication, International
Communication policy
Mass media Law and legislation
Telecommunication Law and legislation
Communication policy
Computer networks Law and legislation

International journal of community music (IJCM)
ISSN: 1550-7327
Web page: http://www.nyu.edu/education/music/meducatio/ijcm/
Began: 2004
Synopsis: The International Journal of Community Music is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes research articles, practical discussions, timely reviews, readers' notes and special issues concerning all aspects of Community Music. (Welcome page, 2008) The website provides archive of articles from 2004-2006 only.
Area: Community music

International journal of criminal justice sciences
ISSN: 0973-5089
Web page: http://www.ijcjs.co.nr/
Began: 2006
Synopsis: The International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences (IJCJS) is a peer-reviewed online (open access) and print (published by Serial Publications, New Delhi, India) journal focusing on the contemporary issues in Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Victimology. It provides a forum for International academics, practitioners and activists who share critical perspectives on criminology, criminal justice and Victimologyand counters mainstream and authoritarian discourses, policies, and practices relating to crime, Criminal justice and Victimology. Acts as a bridge between Indian and western academics and criminologists by giving a forum for critical research, at a time when critical academic work is becoming increasingly subjugated to mainstream approaches. (Main page, 2008) Note: Online access has only two issues from 2006.
International journal of education policy and leadership (IJEPL)
ISSN: 1555-5062
Web page: http://journals.sfu.ca/ijepl/index.php/ijepl
Began: 2006
Synopsis: IJEPL is a refereed electronic journal dedicated to enriching the education policy and leadership knowledge base, and promoting exploration and analysis of policy alternatives. The Journal seeks to build bridges between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to help identify best practices in learning, teaching, and leadership. Individuals from each group, therefore, are encouraged to submit articles for publication. Articles focus on studies and systematic analyses that employ qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodologies, and the underlying aspects of research that make the work relevant for the larger community of educators and policymakers. (from Focus and Scope page, 2008)
Area: Education policy
Education leadership

International journal of environmental science and technology (IJEST)
ISSN: 1735-2630
Web page: http://www.ceers.org/ijest/
Began: 2004
Synopsis: The Journal publishes original, peer-reviewed articles on technical environmental issues, especially research and policy, relevant environmental science, engineering and management. Provides environmental scientific information with descriptions of timely, contemporary advances in environmental science and engineering and management for use in improving environmental protection. (From Mission/Vision page, 2008)
Area: Pollution Environmental aspects
Environmental protection
Environmental engineering
Environmental health
Energy conservation
Effect of human beings on Nature

International journal of information ethics
ISSN: 1614-1687
Web page: http://www.i-r-i-e.net/
Began: 2004
Synopsis: The IJIE is the official journal of the International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE). It envisions an international as well as intercultural discussion focusing on the ethical impacts of information technology on human practices and thinking, social interaction, other areas of science and research and the society itself. It is a general forum for ethical scholarship in this area. It seeks to publish the best available scientific works concerned twice a year in an online edition. (from homepage, 2008)
Area: Information technology Moral and ethical aspects.
Information science Moral and ethical aspects.
Technology Moral and ethical aspects.
Information scientists Professional ethics.
Library science Professional ethics.

The international journal of not-for-profit law: a quarterly publication by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law
ISSN: 1556-5157
Web page: http://www.icnl.org/knowledge/ijnl/
Began: 1998
Synopsis: The International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law (IJNL) is ICNL's quarterly journal of analysis on global civil society. IJNL addresses legal topics as well as social, cultural, political and economic issues affecting the legal environment. Our readers include attorneys, government officials, grantmakers, scholars, and activists. The first publication of its kind, IJNL was founded in 1998 by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law to reflect the evolving worldwide conversation about civil society. IJNL is thematically focused, with several articles in each issue addressing a single topic in depth. It features contributions from a wide array of expert writers and guest editors, and is particularly attentive to the developing world. (from About page, 2008)

Area: Non-governmental organizations Law and legislation
Nonprofit organizations Law and legislation

International journal of progressive education (IJPE)
ISSN: 1554-5210
Web page: http://inased.org/ijpe.htm
Began: 2005
Synopsis: IJPE takes an interdisciplinary approach to its general aim of promoting an open and continuing dialogue about the current educational issues and future conceptions of educational theory and practice in an international context. In order to achieve that aim, IJPE seeks to publish thoughtful articles that present empirical research, theoretical statements, and philosophical arguments on the issues of educational theory, policy, and practice. IJPE provides diverse disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological perspectives, and scholarship in the areas of Critical Pedagogy, Multicultural Education, New Literacies, Cross-cultural issues in Education, Theory and Practice in Educational Evaluation and Policy, Communication, Technology in Education, Postmodernism, Globalization and Education. IJPE is published three times a year. (from Welcome page, 2008)

Area: Education
New Literacies
Multicultural education
Technology education
Education evaluation

International journal of sociology of agriculture and food = Revista internacional de sociología sobre agricultura y alimentos
ISSN: 0798-1759
Web page: http://www.csafe.org.nz/ijsaf/
Began: 1991
Synopsis: The journal publishes theoretical and empirical articles in the general area of the sociology of agriculture and food. This includes the study of labor, production, market, policy, technology, and global and local change. Manuscripts are subject to external review before a final judgment on publication is made by the editors. (About us page, 2008)
Area: Agriculture Social aspects
Sociology, Rural

International journal of special education
ISSN: 0827-3383
Web page: http://www.internationaljournalofspecialeducation.com/
Began: 1984
Synopsis: The International Journal of Special Education publishes original articles concerning special education, either experimental or theoretical aspects. The journal includes reviews of research, historical, and philosophical studies, case studies and content analyses in addition to experimental correlation studies, surveys and reports of the effectiveness of innovative programs. (Policy page, 2008)
Area: Children with disabilities Education
Special Education

International journal of whole schooling
ISSN: 1710-2146
Web page: http://www.wholeschooling.net/Journal%5Fof%5FWhole%5FSchooling/IJWSIndex.html
Began: 2004
Synopsis: The Journal of Whole Schooling is an international, refereed publication dedicated to exploring ways to improve learning and schooling for all children. Articles in the Journal focus on analysis, use, research and practice related to the Six Principles of Whole Schooling. (from homepage, 2008)
Area: Inclusive education
Holistic education
Multicultural education

International journal on multicultural societies
ISSN: 1817-4574
Web page: http://portal.unesco.org/shs/en/ev.php-URL%5FID=2547&URL%5FDO=DO%5FTOPIC&URL%5FSECTION=201.html
Began: 1999
Synopsis: "IJMS ... provides a platform for international, interdisciplinary and policy-related social science research in the fields of migration, multiculturalism, and minority rights".
Established by UNESCO's social sciences research and policy division in 1998, it aims at improving the linkages between academic communities in various regions and across different social science disciplines. One of its particular features is to promote the policy-relevance of social science research. Each issue is devoted to a coherent thematic debate on a key issue in the field of migration and multiculturalism. All articles published in the IJMS are refereed in external peer-review. --Profile (publisher's Web site, viewed Jan. 20, 2006)
Area: Multiculturalism
Pluralism (Social sciences)
Emigration and immigration
Social sciences Research

International journal on teaching and learning in higher education
ISSN: 1812-9129
Web page: http://www.isetl.org/publications/journal.cfm
Began: 2005
Synopsis: A forum for higher education faculty, staff, administrators, researchers, and students who are interested in improving post-secondary instruction. The IJTLHE provides broad coverage of higher education pedagogy and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) across diverse content areas, educational institutions, and levels of instructional expertise. The specific emphasis of IJTLHE is the dissemination of knowledge for improving higher education pedagogy. Electronic distribution of IJTLHE maximizes global availability. (Journal homepage, 2008)
Area: Higher Education
Post-secondary instruction

International review of research in open and distance learning
ISSN: 1492-3831
Web page: http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl
Began: 2000
Synopsis: The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (www.irrodl.org) is a refereed, open access e-journal that aims to disseminate research, theory, and best practice in open and distance learning worldwide. IRRODL is available free of charge to anyone with access to the Internet. (Focus & Scope, 2008)

Area: Open learning Research
Distance education Research

Interthesis: revista internacional interdisciplinar
ISSN: 1807-1384
Web page: http://www.interthesis.cfh.ufsc.br/
Began: 2004
Synopsis: The International Interdisciplinary Journal INTERthesis aims to provide a forum for interdisciplinary studies in all fields of knowledge, especially the Human Sciences. The journal welcomes original contributions with an interdisciplinary approach, especially in areas such as Gender Studies, Environment and Society and Human Condition in the Modernity. Essays in Portuguese, English and Spanish will be welcome, aiming to disclose the interdisciplinary investigations from several countries, but also to retrieve the original manuscripts. Articles which have been translated to another language and published in international magazines or journals, will be accepted for publication in the language they have been written, as long as references are quoted.
The INTERthesis publishes in particular sections; translations of chapters extracted from books, which have not been formerly edited in Portuguese yet, as well as reviews of recently published books. (from Editor page, 2008)
Area: Social sciences

Invisible culture: an electronic journal for visual studies
ISSN: 1097-3710
Web page: http://www.rochester.edu/in%5Fvisible%5Fculture/ivchome.html
Began: 1998
Synopsis: Presents "InVisible Culture," an electronic journal for visual studies, published by the University of Rochester. The journal provides a forum for critical approaches to the production and analysis of cultural objects.
"This journal is dedicated to explorations of the material and political dimensions of cultural practices: the means by which cultural objects and communities are produced, the historical contexts in which they emerge, and the regimes of knowledge or modes of social interaction to which they contribute." (from main page, 2008)
Area: University of Rochester.
Culture Study and teaching

ISYP journal on science and world affairs: a biannual publication of International Student/Young Pugwash
ISSN: 1574-1311
Web page: http://www.scienceandworldaffairs.org
Began: 2005
Synopsis: A biannual, internationally peer-reviewed publication that provides a forum for the discussion of world problems, from the perspective of the world's youth. This characteristic makes the journal an ideal medium for the publication of articles written by students and young professionals, who have the potential of offering innovative standpoints, both for the analysis and for the solution of the problems that our societies are confronted with. (from Editors page, 2008)
Area: International Student/Young Pugwash (Organization)
International Security
Technology Moral and ethical aspects
Technology Social aspects
Weapons of mass destruction

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Journal for cultural and religious theory
ISSN: 1530-5228
Web page: http://www.jcrt.org/
Began: 1999
Synopsis: A peer-reviewed journal devoted to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship of a cutting-edge nature that deals broadly with the phenomenon of religious and cultural theory. (main page, 2008)
Area: Religion and culture

Journal of education for international development (JEID)
ISSN: 1554-2262
Web page: http://equip123.net/JEID/default.htm
Began: 2005
Synopsis: The goal of JEID is to publish articles by and for practitioners, policy makers and all others engaged in international development and education on issues relevant to the improvement of quality education at all levels. All JEID issues are published online, free of charge. (homepage, 2008)
Area: Education and state Developing countries
Education Developing countries

Journal of global Buddhism
ISSN: 1527-6457
Web page: http://www.globalbuddhism.org/
Began: 2000
Synopsis: The Journal of Global Buddhism promotes the study of Buddhism's globalization and its transcontinental interrelatedness. Includes research articles, discussions, critical notes, bulletins, and reviews; emphasizing surveys, the creation of databases, empirical investigations, and the presentation of ongoing research projects. ('Aims', 2008)
Area: Buddhism History Research
Buddhist geography Research
Buddhist sociology Research
Buddhism Study and teaching

Journal of health, population, and nutrition
ISSN: 1606-0997
Web page: http://www.icddrb.org/pub/publication.jsp?classificationID=30
Began: 2000
Synopsis: The Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition provides a forum for rapidly publishing new findings on issues pertinent to maternal, child and family health and related issues of population and nutrition. Issues of fertility, child spacing, maternal and child nutrition, and specific common illnesses are integrally related to overall health status, and papers that deal with these interactions are especially welcome. ('Mission' section, 2008)
Area: Preventive health services
Family Health and hygiene
Nutrition disorders Prevention
Preventive Health Services
Developing Countries
Family Health
Nutrition Disorders prevention & control

Journal of international women's studies
ISSN: 1539-8706
Web page: http://www.bridgew.edu/SoAS//jiws/
Began: 1999
Synopsis: The Journal of International Women's Studies is an on-line, open-access, peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholars, activists, and students to explore the relationship between feminist theory and various forms of organizing. Provides multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, in the form of scholarly articles, student papers and literary pieces. (from 'About the Journal', 2008)
Area: Women's studies
Women's rights
Feminism Research
Women Research

Journal of population research
ISSN: 1443-2447
Web page: http://www.jpr.org.au/index/home
Began: 1998
Synopsis: The Journal of Population Research is a peer-reviewed, international journal which publishes papers on demography and population-related issues. The Journal is published twice a year with occasional special issues and is a publication of the Australian Population Association.
Area: Demography
Population-related issues
Australian Population Association

Journal of social change
ISSN: 1931-1540
Web page: http://www.journalofsocialchange.org
Began: 2006
Synopsis: The Journal of Social Change, sponsored by Walden University, is an online, refereed journal, published semi-annually, and devoted to theoretical advancement and applied research on social change that improves the human condition and progresses people, groups, organizations, cultures, and society toward a more positive future. There is only one issue, from 2006. (mainpage, 2008)

Journal of World-Systems Research
ISSN: 1076-156X
Web page: http://jwsr.ucr.edu/index.php
Began: 1995
Synopsis: An electronic journal dedicated to scholarly research on the modern world-system and smaller intersocietal networks.
Area: Johns Hopkins University.
International relations and culture
International organization
Social sciences Research

Jouvert: a journal of postcolonial studies
ISSN: 1098-6944
Web page: http://social.chass.ncsu.edu/jouvert/
Began: 1997
Synopsis: Issues from 1997-2003. No current issues found.
Publishes interviews focused on the relationship of postcolonial studies to the study of writing, theory, and criticism. As Jouvert responds to the interests of a large and diverse readership, the journal encourages interviews on a full range of topics. Whatever the topic for conversation, the ideal Jouvert interview exemplifies scholarship of the highest quality. Ordinarily, the interview subject is a prominent writer, artist, or scholar whose work, though not necessarily postcolonial in identification, is of consequence to postcolonial studies. The interviews focus on a problem(s) of considerable urgency to postcolonial writing and/or criticism, evince a systematic examination of the problem(s), and maintain the interest of Jouvert's audience through a forceful, coherent presentation. (from main page, March, 2008)

Area: Commonwealth literature (English) History and criticism
Postcolonialism in literature

Juridica international
ISSN: 1406-1082
Web page: http://www.juridica.ee/international%5Fen.php?submit%5Fyear=1&selected%5Fyear=default
Began: 1996
Synopsis: Publishes original scientific articles and commentaries to laws and other writings of a more practical nature. Addresses current problems in legal drafting, and provides the first theoretical and practical comments on issues arising in the implementation of many adopted acts in Estonia. (from Profile page, 2008)

Area: Law Estonia
Law reviews Estonia.

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Language learning & technology
LL & T
ISSN: 1094-3501
Web page: http://llt.msu.edu
Began: 1997
Synopsis: Language Learning & Technology is a refereed journal which began publication in July 1997. The journal seeks to disseminate research to foreign and second language educators in the US and around the world on issues related to technology and language education. (from main page, 2008)
Area: Language and languages Study and teaching United States
Educational technology United States

Law, environment & development journal (LEAD)
ISSN: 1746-5893
Web page: http://www.lead-journal.org/
Began: 2005
Synopsis: The Journal of Law, Environment and Development (LEAD) is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles, case notes and documents of interest to professionals, practitioners, researchers, students and policy-makers in the field of international and regional environmental law and domestic environmental laws of developing countries. It emphasises a comparative approach to the study of environmental law and is the only journal in the field to carry a North-South focus. It is unique in providing perspectives from both developed and developing countries. Bearing in mind the principles of 'sustainable development', LEAD also solicits writings which incorporate related concerns, such as human rights and trade, in the study of environmental management, thus adopting a contextual approach to the examination of environmental issues. LEAD encourages scholarship which combine theoretical and practical approaches to the study of environmental law and practice. (About page, 2008)
Area: Environmental law
Law and economic development

Law, social justice & global development (LGD)
ISSN: 1467-0437
Web page: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/law/elj/lgd/
Began: 2000
Synopsis: Focus on the integration of developing and newly industrialising countries as well as the so-called transitional countries of Central and Eastern Europe into global economic, social and political processes. Examines the implications of globalisation for the countries concerned. Covers the impact of globalisation on legal developments in relation to human rights; social justice; democratisation; constitutionalism; national, ethnic and religious identities; social action; and economic liberalisation. Includes issues such as gender justice, the concerns of indigenous peoples, poverty, and social exclusion. Examines the key roles of transnational corporations; financial institutions; multilateral institutions such as the UN, IMF, World Bank, and the GATT/WTO; states; and NGOs. A specific aim will be to engage with the dynamic between local, national, regional and global spheres of social action. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Globalization Legal aspects
Human rights
Social justice

Leeds international classical studies
ISSN: 1477-3643
Web page: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/classics/lics/index.html
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Leeds International Classical Studies is an electronic journal associated with the Leeds International Classics Seminar. It publishes articles and interim discussion papers on all aspects of Greek and Roman antiquity, and of the history of the classical tradition.
Area: Classical antiquities
Classical philology
Rome History
Greece History

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Managing global transitions: international research journal
ISSN: 1854-6935
Web page: http://www.mgt.fm-kp.si
Began: 2003
Synopsis: Managing Global Transitions is a business, economics and interdisciplinary research journal, aimed at providing a forum for disseminating scholarship focused on transitions. The journal seeks to publish ground breaking work in management research that will provide integrated and diverse perspectives on the processes of change and evolution in a broad range of disparate fields, including, for example, business, economics, general and strategic management, education, systems theory, leadership development, entrepreneurship, marketing, sociology, psychology, informatics, technology, decision-making theory, and action learning. Indexed in International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, EconLit, EconPapers, Directory of Open Access Journals. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Business
transition economics
technology education

Micronesian journal of the humanities and social sciences
ISSN: 1449-7336
Web page: http://marshall.csu.edu.au/MJHSS/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: The Micronesian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences is a semiannual peer reviewed academic electronic journal dedicated to the study of human thought, behavior, and culture in Micronesia. Research notes, book reviews, annotated bibliographies, translations of key documents, and thesis summaries are not refereed.
The editors welcome submissions of original non-published articles in the fields of archaeology, communications, cultural education, cultural anthropology, ethnobiology, ethnography, historic architecture, historic preservation, history, library studies, linguistics, literature, politics, social anthropology, tourism, and allied humanities subjects. Papers are accepted on the basis of their originality and their relevance to Micronesia and the adjacent Pacific region. (Purpose page, 2008)
Area: Anthropology Research.
Sociology Research.
Social sciences Research.
Communication in anthropology.
Historical sociology.

Middle East review of international affairs (MERIA)
ISSN: 1565-8996
Web page: http://meria.idc.ac.il/
Began: 1997
Synopsis: MERIA is a project owned and edited by Prof. Barry Rubin. It is produced in conjunction with the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, and aims to advance research on the Middle East and foster scholarly communication and cooperation. They are a non-partisan publication involving people across the geographical and political spectrum. (from About Us, 2008)
Area: Middle East Foreign relations
Middle East Politics and government 1945

Minerva: an internet journal of philosophy
ISSN: 1393-614X
Web page: http://www.ul.ie/philos/
Began: 1997
Synopsis: International journal of philsophy
Area: Philosophy

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New England journal of international and comparative law
ISSN: 1936-2803
Web page: http://www.nesl.edu/intljournal/
Began: 1995
Synopsis: Publication focuses on current issues affecting international law or, through comparative analysis, address legal developments affecting the international community. All articles are written by legal professionals and university or law school faculty at the New England School of Law. Submissions are also accepted from students attending ABA-accredited law schools or similarly accredited post-graduate legal programs outside of the United States. (Submissions page, 2008)
Area: International law
Comparative law

New York University journal of international law & politics
ISSN: 0028-7873
Web page: http://www.law.nyu.edu/journals/jilp/
Began: 1995

Area: International law
International relations

Nineteenth-century art worldwide: a journal of nineteenth-century visual culture
ISSN: 1543-1002
Web page: http://19thc-artworldwide.org/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is the world's first scholarly, refereed e-journal devoted to the study of nineteenth-century painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, architecture, and decorative arts across the globe. Open to various historical and theoretical approaches, the editors welcome contributions that reach across national boundaries and illuminate intercultural contact zones. The chronological scope of the journal is the "long" nineteenth century, stretching from the American and French Revolutions, at one end, to the outbreak of World War I, at the other. (About the Journal, 2008)
Area: Art, Modern 19th century

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Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution (OJPCR)
ISSN: 1522-211X
Web page: http://www.trinstitute.org/ojpcr/
Began: 1998
Synopsis: The journal is a resource for students, teachers, and others interested in the reduction and elimination of conflict. "OJPCR" is offered for free only on the Internet.
Area: Tabula Rasa Institute.
Conflict management

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Peace, conflict & development
ISSN: 1742-0601
Web page: http://www.peacestudiesjournal.org.uk/
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Focuses on contemporary issues in conflict and peace studies including human rights, democracy and democratization, conflict resolution, environment, security, war, culture, identity and community, and other related areas of interest.
Area: Conflict management
Conflict management Developing countries
International relations

Perspectives on sexual and reproductive health (formerly Family Planning Perspectives)
ISSN: 1538-6341
Web page: http://www.guttmacher.org/journals/ifpp_archive.html
Began: 2002
Synopsis: Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly Family Planning Perspectives) provides the latest peer-reviewed, policy-relevant research and analysis on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and other developed countries. For more than three decades, Perspectives has offered unique insights into how reproductive health issues relate to one another; how they are affected by policies and programs; and their implications for individuals and societies. Includes a feature to make customized tables of statistics. ('About' page, 2008)
Area: Birth control
Birth control United States
Reproductive health United States
Family Planning Services
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Reproductive Medicine
Sexual Behavior

Portal: journal of multidisciplinary international studies
ISSN: 1449-2490
Web page: http://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/journals/portal/
Began: 2004
Synopsis: Portal Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies is a fully peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publishing of scholarly articles from practitioners of international, regional, area, migration and ethnic studies, and it is also dedicated to providing a space for the work of cultural producers interested in the internationalization of cultures. International Studies in Portal refers to studies of contemporary societies and cultures in relation to processes of transnationalization, polyculturation, transmigration, globalization, and anti-globalization, and to material and imaginative responses by people and communities to those processes. Portal aims to achieve a genuinely multidisciplinary mix of approaches to international studies by scholars working in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies, and by cultural producers working anywhere. (About page, 2008)
Area: Culture
Social change
International relations and culture

Postmodern culture
ISSN: 1053-1920
Web page: http://www.iath.virginia.edu/pmc/
Began: 1990
Synopsis: Founded in 1990 as an experiment in scholarly publishing on the Internet, Postmodern Culture (PMC) has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures. PMC combines high scholarly standards with broad appeal for non-academic readers. As an entirely web-based journal, PMC can publish still images, sound, animation, and full-motion video as well as text. The full journal is availble for Indiana students, faculty and staff, as part of Indiana University's Library subscriptions. The free site still provides text only archives and samples of issues. (About page, 2008)
Area: Postmoderne Kultur Zeitschrift Online-Publikation

Public space: the journal of law and social justice
ISSN: 1835-0550
Web page: http://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/ojs/
Began: 2007
Synopsis: "Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice is a peer reviewed, multi media, online, law journal which draws on cross disciplinary research and scholarship to address social justice issues of immediate and wide ranging concern. Public Space also includes an Open Space for non-refereed contributions, including reviews, links to other journals or conferences, and discussion. Public Space is published twice a year in open access form by the Faculty of Law of the University of Technology, Sydney and UTSepress." (2008)
Area: Law
Social justice
Social justice Australia
Law Australia

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The reading matrix
ISSN: 1533-242X
Web page: http://www.readingmatrix.com/journal.html
Began: 2000
Synopsis: The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal is a peer-reviewed professional journal with an editorial board of scholars in the fields of second language acquisition and applied linguistics. The journal seeks to disseminate research to educators around the world. It explores issues related to L2 reading, L2 literacy in a broader sense, and other issues related to second language learning and teaching, and provides a forum for alternative modes of inquiry and viewpoints about the nature of literacy practices of diverse groups of persons around the globe.
The Reading Matrix reviews only original manuscripts and does not review articles that have been published or are under consideration elsewhere. The journal is abstracted and indexed in EBSCOhost, the Modern Language Association International Bibliography (Books and Articles on Modern Languages and Literature), ERIC (Education Resources Information Center), DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), J-Gate, and DELTAA. (About page, 2008)
Area: Second language acquisition
Applied linguistics

Reading online
ISSN: 1096-1232
Web page: http://www.readingonline.org
Began: 1997
Synopsis: Reading Online is a freely available, online-only publication of the International Reading Association (IRA), a professional organization of literacy educators. Its focus is literacy practice and research in classrooms serving students aged 5 to 18. "Literacy" is broadly defined to include traditional print literacy, as well as visual literacy, critical literacy, media literacy, digital literacy, and so on.
This site offers original features and peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and website recommendations published between May 1997 and June 2005, along with resources reprinted from other IRA journals. It is offered as an archived collection, and is not at present accepting new materials for publication. (About page, 2008)
Area: Reading
Language arts
Literacy Study and teaching (Elementary)
Literacy Study and teaching (Secondary)
Computers and literacy
Educational technology

Research journal of international studies
ISSN: 1453-212X
Web page: http://www.eurojournals.com/international%5Fstudies.htm
Began: 2006
Synopsis: Covers political and social science issues in international studies.
Area: World politics

Revista de ciencia politica
ISSN: 0718-090X
Web page: http://www.scielo.cl/scielo.php?script=sci_serial&pid=0718-090X&lng=pt&nrm=iso
Began: 2004
Synopsis: The Revista de Ciencia Politica is an international and refereed journal published by the Instituto de Ciencia Politica of the Pontificia Uniersidad Católica de Chile, founded in 1979. It appears twice a year in July and December and publishes articles in all areas of Political Science. It encompass all areas of specialization and methodological approaches within Political Science, and promotes the academic discussion of present and past political phenomena, as well as conceptual analyses, from the perspective of the various sub-disciplines of Political Science: Political Theory, Comparative Politics, Interrnationnal Relations, Formal Analysis, Regional Studies, etc. (About Journal page, 2008)
Area: Political science
Political theory
comparative politics
International relations

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Scientific international journal
ISSN: 1554-6349
Web page: http://nperci.org/index_files/Page1842.htm
Began: 2004
Synopsis: Articles in Spanish and English.
Area: Social service
Nonprofit organizations

Sur international journal on human rights
ISSN: 1806-6445
Web page: http://www.surjournal.org
Began: 2004
Synopsis: Sur - International Journal on Human Rights is a biannual journal published in English, Portuguese and Spanish by Sur - Human Rights University Network. Sur is a network of academics working together with the mission to strengthen the voice of universities in the South on human rights and social justice, and to create stronger cooperation between them and the United Nations. Published online in English, Spanish and Portuguese (About page, 2008)
Area: Human rights

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Tiempo climate newswatch
ISSN: Web page: http://www.tiempocyberclimate.org/newswatch/archive/
Began: 1999
Synopsis: Tiempo Climate Newswatch is a weekly on-line magazine with news, features and comment on global warming, climate change, sea-level rise and development issues. Newswatch automatically scans a number of news sites once an hour, searching for a set of keyphrases. The raw news feed can be accessed in standard or PDA format. The news stories carried by Newswatch are updated weekly. Comment, features, interviews and other sections of the magazine are updated on a weekly to monthly basis. While every effort is made to ensure that information on this site, and on other sites that are referenced here, is accurate, no liability for loss or damage resulting from use of this information can be accepted. (Homepage, 2008)
Area: Global warming
Climatic changes
Greenhouse effect,
Atmospheric research
Developing countries

Transformations: region, culture, society
ISSN: 1444-3775
Web page: http://www.transformationsjournal.org/journal/index.shtml
Began: 2000
Synopsis: Transformations is a double blind peer reviewed electronic journal dedicated to the exploration of ideas, issues and debates emerging out of contemporary global culture. Transformations seeks to publish new writing that addresses the transformative processes of new technologies and mediating practices that change the way we think, feel and interact with others both in a contemporary and historical sense. Articles are from the perspective of cultural theory, media theory, art and aesthetics. They encourage writing that explores and redefines a sense of space and distance; of time and its interconnectedness to the past/present/future, drawing out hidden contours and perspectives, and proposing new ways of relating to a rapidly changing world. (Main page, 2008)
Area: Regionalism Australia
Social change Australia

Transforming cultures eJournal : a journal for the study of cultural and social transformations
ISSN: 1833-8542
Web page: http://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/ojs/
Began: 2006
Area: Ethics
Intellectual life

The Trumpeter: journal of ecosophy
ISSN: 08326193
Web page: http://trumpeter.athabascau.ca/
Began: 1983
Synopsis: The Trumpeter is an environmental journal dedicated to the development of an ecosophy, or wisdom, born of ecological understanding and insight. As such, it serves the deep ecology movement's commitment to explore and analyze philosophically relevant environmental concerns in light of ecological developments at every relevant level: metaphysics, science, history, politics. Gaining a deeper understanding involves a comprehensive set of criteria that includes analytical rigour, spiritual insight, ethical integrity, and aesthetic appreciation. Content includes original writings, essays, poetry, book reviews and some artwork. (Main page, 2008)
Area: Ecology
Deep ecology
Ecology Philosophy
Human ecology Philosophy

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UCAR quarterly (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
ISSN: Web page: http://www.ucar.edu/communications/quarterly/past.jsp
Began: 1977
Synopsis: UCAR Quarterly is published four times a year in print and on the Web by UCAR Communications. Its goal is to publicize the activities of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (including the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the UCAR Office of Programs) and its collaborators. UCAR operates NCAR and UOP with support from the National Science Foundation and other sponsors.
UCAR's mission is to support, enhance, and extend the capabilities of the university community, nationally and internationally; to understand the behavior of the atmospheric and related systems and the global environment; and to foster the transfer of knowledge and technology for the betterment of life on earth. (About page, 2008)
Area: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Meteorology Research
Climatic changes Research
Global warming Research

UNISCI discussion papers
ISSN: 1696-2206
Web page: http://www.ucm.es/info/unisci/UNISCI-Review.htm
Began: 2003
Synopsis: UNISCI Discussion Papers is a peer-reviewed scientific journal on International Relations and Security; both understood in a broad sense and from a multidimensional approach, open to different theoretical perspectives.The journal is published three times a year (January, May and October). (Main page, 2008)
Area: Security, International
Military policy

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War crimes, genocide, & crimes against humanity
ISSN: 1551-3238
Web page: http://www.war-crimes.org
Began: 2005
Synopsis: War Crimes, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to understanding the conceptualization, etiology, and prevention of violations of international criminal and humanitarian law. They publish original scholarly research investigating the acts prohibited by international criminal, humanitarian, and human rights law. The journal emphasizes socio-legal and criminological approaches, but solicits manuscripts from other disciplines that address causes, impacts, prevention, redress, and pedagogy related to its subject matter.The journal is published in both online and print formats. (Main page, 2008)
Area: War crimes
Crimes against humanity
International offenses
Criminal jurisdiction

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