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Undergraduate Journal of International Studies

The Center for the Study of Global Change co-sponsors the Undergraduate Journal of International Studies, first issued in Spring 2007 and available in PDF format. Created, designed, and published by undergraduates, this journal is a publication of the International Studies Student Association of the International Studies Program in the IU College of Arts and Sciences.

Undergraduate Journal of International Studies:

  Issue #4 Spring 2011

This issue contains five essays, including "Iraq from 1972-1975: A Case Study of Power Dynamics in the Cold War," "In Defense of a Lost Cause: Cooperativism as a Solution to the Malawian Agricultural Predicament," "El Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional: The Use of Identity in the Path to Legitimization and Nonviolence," "The Valuation System of the Quechua in Peru," and "Mimes, Sunflowers, and Good Governance: An Examination of the Political Philosophy, Pedagogic Policies, and Campaign Strategy of Antanas Mockus Through the Lens of Colombian Electoral Politics."

  Issue #3 Winter 2009

In addition to featuring its first submission from outside the United States – a piece about decolonization and the world order – this issue contains papers about non-response in the Afrobarometer Survey, musicians' fluid cultural identities, oil in Russia, and the New York Times' coverage of the Rwandan genocide.

  Issue #2 Winter 2008

This issue contains five essays, including "Beijing's Post-9/11 Xinjiang Policy," "Off the Map and Into Uncharted Territory: A Review of the Dialectic, the Nation-State, and the Zapatistas," "The Impact of World Literature in Secondary Schools in Oregon and Chile: A Comparative Case Study," "Modern Slavery in India," and "Tómela con Confianza: EMAPA-I and the State of Potable Water in Ibarra, Ecuador."

  Issue #1 Spring 2007

The first issue contains six edited essays, which range in topic from the emergence of Flamenco in Japan to linguistic nationalism in the Turkish Republic, Rwandan/Sudanese genocide depictions, East German unemployment, post colonial tensions in Paris, and governance in the European Union.

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