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Manifold, Marjorie
Associate Professor, Art Education & Curriculum Studies
School of Education
W. W. Wright Education Building
Room 3140
Indiana University
Bloomington, 47405-1006
Phone: (812) 856-8133      E-mail: mmanifol@indiana.edu    

Marjorie Cohee Manifold is Associate Professor of Art Education in the Curriculum and Instruction Department, School of Education, Indiana University. Her responsibilities include teaching art methods courses in the art teacher certification program, and instructing graduate seminars in new media and art education.

Professor Manifold is Executive Secretary and recent past-President of the United States Society for Education Through Art (USSEA) and a North American World Councilor to the International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) an affiliate organization of UNESCO. Members of USSEA and InSEA advocate forms of education that nurture life-affirming imagination, creativity, tolerance, appreciation and respect among all people. As organizer of the 2012 InSEA/USSEA conference, Education through Art: Teaching for Global Understanding & Engagement, she worked collaboratively with the Center for the Study of Global Change in selecting programming and workshops of benefit to K-16 teachers.

In her research, Professor Manifold has studied the aesthetic sensibilities and artistic practices of folk artists in dynamic interaction with their local communities. This includes explorations of the art making practices and products of 'netizen' adolescents and young adults who are fans of various pop-culture narratives. She examines visual and narrative representations that are molded within social contexts of online fan communities and contribute to appreciation of local and cosmopolitan perspectives. Based on findings from these inquiries, she is developing curricula for teaching art online to students across national and cultural boundaries.

Professor Manifold has presented at national and international conferences, and published numerous peer-reviewed articles in nationally and internationally respected journals, including Studies in Art Education, Art Education, Visual Art Research, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, International Journal of Arts Education, International Journal of Education Through Art, and Visual Culture & Gender Journal. Her work has appeared in chapters of books such as, Globalization, Art, and Education (2009), edited by Delacruz, A. Arnold, A. Kuo, & M. Day, Through the Prism, (2009), edited by F. R. Sabol, & M. Manifold, Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy (2008), edited by R. Reid, Art Education as Critical Cultural Inquiry (2007), edited by J. A. Park, and Teaching for Aesthetic Experience (2004), edited by G. Diaz & M. B. McKenna. She has served on the editorial boards of several prominent academic journals, and currently serves as a review editor of the Art Education, the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, and Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, and as co-senior editor of the InSEA Newsletter Online.

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