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Coronel-Molina, Serafin M.
Adjunct Professor
Department of American Studies
Associate Professor

Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
Wright Ed Bldg 3036
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-1006
Phone: (812) 856-8232     Fax: (812) 856-8287       E-mail: scoronel@indiana.edu    

Serafin M. Coronel-Molina is an Associate Professor in the Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education at the School of Education, and an Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Anthropology and the Department of American Studies, and in the International Studies, and Latino Studies Programs.

He is also a Core Faculty in the Minority Languages and Cultures of Latin American Program, and Affiliated Faculty in the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

He is an educational linguist and a sociolinguist. He is a native speaker of Huanca Quechua, an endangered variety of Quechua spoken in the central highlands of Peru. He received his B.A. in Translation (English, French and Cuzco Quechua) from the Ricardo Palma University in Peru; He obtained his M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics from the Ohio State University, and his Ph. D. in Educational Linguistics and Sociolinguistics from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He has published articles in Quechua, English and Spanish, and organized conferences, and presented papers internationally. In addition, he has considerable experience in second and foreign language education, having been a Spanish and Quechua lecturer at various universities in Peru and the United States. Before joining Indiana University in 2007, he was an instructor at Princeton University for four years.

His research interests include revitalization of indigenous languages, politics of language, language attitudes and ideologies, minority languages and technology, language maintenance and shift, language contact phenomena, indigenous literacies in the Americas, second and foreign language acquisition and learning, issues of language, culture and identity in the Andes and beyond. His research is of an interdisciplinary nature, drawing on fields as diverse as macro- and micro-sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, linguistic anthropology, education, ethnography of communication, language policy and planning, pragmatics, politics and history.

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