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Better Instrumentation and Measurements through Spectrochemical Research



The Laboratory for Spectrochemistry (LFS) has several missions:

1) to develop spectrochemical measurements and instrumentation

2) to characterize spectrochemical events and systems fundamentally through experimental  measurements and theoretical modeling

3) to solve practical problems through spectrochemical techniques

4) to integrate spectrochemical measurements and instrumentation with other techniques

Research in the LFS ranges from plasma physics to chemical sensors and includes both optical and mass spectrometry.   Areas of application include on-site monitoring, environmental science, bioanalysis, forensics, and materials chemistry.


Celebrating 47 Years of Analytical Chemistry Research






Recently Awarded PhDs


Andrew P. Storey
PhD awarded
August 2016



Andrew J. Schwartz
PhD awarded
August 2016



Yan Cheung
PhD awarded
February 2016



Elise A. Dennis
PhD awarded
August 2015



Recent Hieftje Group-Related Recognitions


Richard Russo

Richard E. Russo
PhD 1981

Richard E. Russo, PhD

currently at
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

receives the

2016 Award in Spectrochemical Analysis

sponsored by
American Chemical Society
Analytical DIvision

to be awarded at the
2016 ACS Fall Meeting
August 21-25
Philadelphia, PA


George Chan

George Chan
PhD 2007

George Y.-C Chan, PhD

currently at
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

receives the

Inagural Emerging Leader in Atomic Spectroscopy Award

sponsored by
Spectroscopy Magazine

to be awarded at the
2017 European Winter Conference
St. Anton, Austria

Gina Roesch
Undergraduate Student

Gina C. Roesch
Undergraduate Student

Receives a

Hutton Honors College
Summer Grant for Research

sponsored by
Indiana University

as well as a

Mann Undergraduate Scholarship

sponsored by
IU Chemistry Department





800 E. Kirkwood Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

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