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    1. "Spectroanalytical System"
      U.S. Patent Number:  4,462,685
      (with Stanley B. Smith, Jr.)
      - July 31, 1984.

    2. "Spectroanalytical System"
      United Kingdom Patent Number:  2,093,990
      (with Stanley B. Smith, Jr.)
      - 1985. 

    3. "Spectroanalytical System"
      Canadian Patent Number:  1,187,628
      (with Stanley B. Smith, Jr.)
      - 1985.

    4. "Device for the Accurate Dispensing of Small Volumes of Liquid Samples"
      U.S. Patent Number:  4,492,322
      (with John G. Shabushnig)
      - January 8, 1985.

    5. "Spectroanalytical System"
      Australian Patent Number:  546,278
      (with Stanley B. Smith, Jr.)
      - 1986.

    6. "Spectroanalytical System"
      French Patent Number:  2,501,373
      (with Stanley B. Smith, Jr.)
      - 1986.

    7. "Method and Device for Spectral Reconstruction"
      U.S. Patent Number:  4,642,778
      (with David E. Honigs)
      - February 10, 1987.

    8. "Methods and Devices for Near-Infrared Evaluation of Physical Properties of Samples"
      U.S. Patent Number:  4,800,279
      (with David E. Honigs and Tomas B. Hirschfeld)
      - January 24, 1989.

    9. "Sample Holders or Reflectors for Intact Capsules and Tablets and for Liquid Microcells for Use in Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectrophotometers"
      U.S. Patent Number:  4,882,493 
      (with Robert A. Lodder)
      - November 21,1989.

    10. "Rotary Spray Chamber Device for Conditioning Aerosols"
      U.S. Patent Number: 5,335,860
      (with Min Wu)
      - August 9, 1994. 

    11. "Rotary Spray Chamber Device for Conditioning Aerosols,"
      European Patent Number 94300153.7 (with Min Wu);

    12. "Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer,"
      U.S. Patent Number 5,614,71
      (with Gangqiang Li)
      - March 25, 1997.

    13. "Simultaneous Acquisition of Chemical Information,"
      U.S. Patent Number 7,294,830
      (with Steven J. Ray)
      - November 13, 2007.

    14. "Method and Apparatus for Simultaneous Detection and Measurement of Charged Particles at One or More Levels of Particle Flux for Analysis of Same"
      U.S. Patent Number 7,498,585
      (with M. Bonner Denton, Roger Sperline, David W. Koppenaal, Charles J. Barinaga, James H. Barnes, IV, and Eugene Atlas)
      - March 3, 2009.

    15. “Method of Detecting and Correcting Inaccurate Results in Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry”
      U.S. Patent Number 7,768,639
      (with George C.-Y. Chan)
      - August 3, 2010.

    16. “Methods and Apparatus for Ionization and Desorption Using a Glow Discharge”
      U.S. Patent Number 7,893,408
      (with Steven J. Ray, Francisco J. Andrade, William C. Wetzel, Michael R. Webb, Gerardo Gamez, and Jacob T. Shelley)
      - February 22, 2011. 

    17. “Ambient-Atmosphere Glow Discharge for Determination of Elemental Concentration in Solutions in a High-Throughput or Transient Fashion”,
      U.S. Patent Number 7,929,138
      (with Michael Webb and Francisco Andrade)
      - April 19, 2011.

    18. “Laser Ablation Flowing Atmospheric-Pressure Afterglow for Ambient Mass Spectrometry”,
      U.S. Patent Number 8,207,494 B2
      (with Francisco J. Andrade, Steven J. Ray and Jacob T. Shelley)
      -June 26, 2012

    19. "Method for Enhancement of Mass Resolution Over a Limited Mass Range for Time-of-Flight Spectrometry”,
      U.S. Patent Number 8,604,423

      (with Christie G. Enke, Steven J. Ray, Alexander W. Graham, Elise A. Dennis, Charles J. Barinaga, and David W. Koppenaal);
      -December 10, 2013

    20. "Combined Distance-of-Flight and Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer",
      U.S. Patent Number 8,648,295
      (with Christie G. Enke, Steven J. Ray, Alexander W. Graham, Charles J. Barinaga and David W. Koppenaal)
      - February 11, 2014

    21. "Ambient Sampling Mass Spectrometry and Chemometric Analysis for Screening Encapsulated Electronic and Electrical Components for Counterfeits"
      U.S. Patent Number 9,607,306
      (with Steven J. Ray, Kevin P. Pfeuffer, Jacob T. Shelley and Norris J. Caldwell)
      -March 28, 2017