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Upcoming Presentations

Members of the Hieftje Research Group will present papers at these upcoming locations

IMSC 2014

International Mass Spectrometry Conference
Geneva, Switzerland
August 24-29, 2014

“Halo-shaped Flowing Atmospheric Pressure Afterglow for Ambient Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry”
Kevin P. Pfeuffer, J. Niklas Schaper, Steven J. Ray and Gary M. Hieftje
(presented by K.P. Pfeuffer)


2nd International Conference on Analytical Chemistry (RO-ICAC’2014)
Valahia University of Targoviste
September 17-21, 2014. 

“Toward a New Generation of Analytical Mass Spectrometers”
Gary M. Hieftje, Steven J. Ray, Christie G. Enke, Elise A. Dennis, Alexander W. Gundlach-Graham,
David W. Koppenaal and Charles J. Barinaga

(presented by G.M. Hieftje)

KOSMOS Summer University 2014

"Limits and Scales in Analytical Chemistry"

September 15-24, 2014 • Berlin, Germany

"How we solved the problem of simultaneous measurement in mass spectrometry"
(presented by G.M. Hieftje)

(Andrew Storey and Elise Dennis also participating)

SciX - The Great Scientific Exchange

Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2014 • Reno-Tahoe, NV

Final Program TBA

“The Distance-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer: A New Species of Mass Analyzer”
Steven J. Ray, Elise Dennis, Alexander Graham, Christie Enke, Charles Barinaga, David Koppenaal, and Gary Hieftje
(presented by S.J. Ray - 2014 Lester W. Strock Awardee)

"Use of Constant-Momentum Acceleration in Velocity-Based Mass Separations: 
Distance-of-Flight and ZOOM – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometries”
Elise A. Dennis, Steven J. Ray, Christie G. Enke, Alexander Gundlach-Graham, Allen R. White,
Charles Barinaga, David W. Koppenaal and Gary M. Hieftje

(presented by E.A. Dennis- 2014 Barbara Stull Graduate Student Award recipient)

“Towards a Highly Sensitive, Universal Method of Ion Detection:  Removal of Multiplicative Noise in
Replacement-Ion-Chromatography with Solution-Cathods Glow Discharge Photometric Detection"
Andrew W. Schwartz, Steven J. Ray and Gary M. Hieftje
(presented by A.W. Schwartz - 2014 Tomas A. Hirschfeld Scholar Award recipient)

“Methods to Flag and Conquer Matrix and Spectral Interferences in ICP-AES”
Gary M. Hieftje, George Chan, Yan Cheung and Andrew J. Schwartz
(presented by G.M. Hieftje)

“Collaboration with Dave Koppenaal:  Dutchmen Gone Wild”
Gary M. Hieftje
(presented by G.M. Hieftje)

“Paper Title to be Announced”
Gary M. Hieftje
(presented by G.M. Hieftje)

“Steve Ray’s Contribution to High-Speed, High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry”
Gary M. Hieftje
(presented by G.M. Hieftje)

“Mechanisms of Nitric-Oxide Formation in a High-Frequency Spark Discharge Ion Source for Ambient Mass Spectrometry”
Allen R. Wihte, Steve J. Ray, Kevin P. Pfeuffer and Gary M. Hieftje
(presented by A.R. White, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN)

“Flagging Matrix Interferences with Spatial Emission Profiles and Correcting Interferences with Gradient Dilution in
Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry”
Yan Cheung, Andrew J. Schwartz, George Y-C. Chan and Gary M. Hieftje
(presented by Y. Cheung)

“FAPA-APGD Desorption/Ionization Source:  Influence of Temperature and Humidity on the Reagent Ion
Production and Ionization Processes”

Jaime Orejas, Jorge Pisenero, Nera Bordel, Kevin P. Pfeuffer, Steven J. Ray, Gary M. Hieftje and Alfredo Sanz-Medel
(presented by Jaime Orejas Ibañez, Department of Physics, University of Oviedo, SPAIN)

"How Does an ICP Respond to the Introduction of a Single Micro-Droplet?"
George Chan and Gary Hieftje
(presented by George Chan, Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA)


Indiana State University

Terre Haute, IN
October 28, 2014

“Models, Measurements, Methods, and Machines”
(presented by G.M. Hieftje)