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Upcoming Presentations

Members of the Hieftje Research Group will present lectures at these upcoming locations

June 5-8, 2016

8th Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry
Hotel Alexandra
Loen, Norway

Date & Time TBD

“Is There No Better Plasma for Spectrochemistry Than the Argon ICP?"
Gary M. Hieftje, Andrew J. Schwartz, Yan Cheung, Cera E. Cissna, and Gina C. Roesch
(lecture presented by Gary M. Hieftje)

"Signal-to-noise Enhancement Methods for Atomic Spectrometry"
(short course presented by Gary M. Hieftje)

June 5-9, 2016

American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Conference
Henry B. González Convention Center
San Antonio, TX

June 9, 2016
Poster Session

“Solution-Cathode Glow Discharge: A Versatile Ion Source for Atomic and Molecular Mass Spectrometry"
Andrew J. Schwartz, Kelsey L. Williams, Courtney L. Walton, Gary M. Hieftje, and Jacob T. Shelley
collaborative research with Kent State University
(poster presented by Andrew J. Schwartz of Indiana University)


"Ionization and Tunable Fragmentation of Biopolymers at Atmospheric Pressure with a Direct-Sampling Solution-Cathode Glow Discharge"
Jake Shelley, Andrew Schwartz, Kelsey WIlliams, Courtney Walton, and Gary Hieftje
collaborative research with Kent State University
(presented by Jacob T. Shelley of Kent State University)

July 24-29, 2016

Gordon Research Conference
Proctor Academy
Andhover, NH

Tuesday, July 26
7:10 pm

“Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas for Chemical Analysis"
(lecture presented by Gary M. Hieftje)