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Alpha Chapter
Indiana University
- Bloomington, IN -
Beta Chapter
University of Illinois at Chicago
- Chicago, IL -
Gamma Chapter
DePauw University
- Greencastle, IN -
Delta Chapter
Ball State University
- Muncie, IN -
Epsilon Chapter
DePaul University
- Chicago, IL -
Zeta Chapter
Loyola University Chicago
- Chicago, IL -
Eta Chapter
Aurora University
- Aurora, IL -
Theta Chapter
Northern Illinois University
- DeKalb, IL -
Iota Chapter
Illinois Institute of Technology
Roosevelt University
Columbia College
The International Academy of Design and Technology
- Chicago, IL -
Kappa Chapter
Lewis University
- Romeoville, IL -
Lambda Chapter
University of Illinois - Urbana-- Champaign, IL
Mu Chapter
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, IL
Nu Chapter
Northeastern Illinois University
- Chicago, IL -
Xi Chapter
Indiana University - Purdue University
- Indianapolis, IN -
Phi Alpha Chapter
Chicago Alumni Group
- Chicago, IL -

"College is a place where you learn many things. You learn what you want to do with your life. You learn what you're most passionate about. You learn to be a leader. When I decided to become a sister of Gamma Phi Omega I had already joined several organizations but was looking for more. I wanted a support group from women who were professional, goal-oriented and very friendly. Women I considered to be just like me. After joining I received the tools and support to become a better leader. As a previous president of the Sorority, I learned every day how to become a great leader. Today I use these skills in every aspect of my life, especially as I pursue my career. Gamma Phi Omega has offered me so many opportunities to succeed."
--- Vanessa "Cialymar" Valentin Anchor of 5 D.I.T.A.S.