Daily Archives: January 11, 2017

Alex Antony – Fall 2016

The GPSG Travel Award has facilitated my professional development as an academic and researcher. Attending the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Philadelphia allowed me to connect with prominent scholars in the discipline and present my original research as part of a panel on the “Economics of War.” At […]

Mary Borgo – Fall 2016

Thank you so very much for supporting my trip to Phoenix! Presenting at the North American Victorian Studies conference was a game-changer for me. The lively Q&A generated by my paper on twenty-first-century cartographic tools and nineteenth-century projection equipment has helped me to create better digital resources for studying early […]

Clare Longendyke – Fall 2016

Receiving the GPSG Travel Award to fund my travel to Boston allowed me to perform in what has been one of the most exciting concerts of new music of my performance career thus far! The concert, which presented all works by female composers and poets, included seven premieres. The audiences […]

Virginia Whealton – Fall 2016

The GPSG award helped me travel to Vancouver, Canada, to present at the American Musicological Society Music and Disability Study Group’s recent research workshop (co-hosted with the Society for Music Theory’s Music and Disability Interest Group). The response to my paper was encouraging and enthusiastic–the perfect thing for a PhD candidate going on the job market! This […]

Lindsey Breitwieser – Fall 2016

The GPSG Travel Award has enabled me to attend my field’s premier conference, giving me the opportunity to engage with other scholars whose insights about the field push me to think creatively, ethically, and intersectionally. Being relieved of the financial burden of conference travel, I’ve been free to enjoy the […]

Brittany Hood – Fall 2016

I had a great experience presenting my work at ASC 2016. I have widen my professional and academic network, and am looking forward to collaborating with some of them. I had the opportunity to demonstrate my work to a lot of academics, contribute to research for mentally ill offenders, and receive suggestions and critiques. Receiving the […]

Sarah Campbell – Fall 2016

The GPSG travel grant provided much needed funding to travel to Columbus, OH for the Symposium on Indigenous Languages and Cultures of Latin America (ILCLA/STLILLA – https://clas.osu.edu/ilcla). This was my first opportunity to present material from my preliminary dissertation research at a conference and I received helpful feedback from a diverse audience of folklorists, anthropologists, indigenous rights activists, and teachers of indigenous languages. The […]

Oliver Shao – Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 GPSG travel award enabled me to attend the 2016 Society for Ethnomusicology conference in Washington DC where I was able to raise my profile on the academic job market, to advance my intellectual development, and to strengthen my professional capacity to mobilize my research in matters of music […]

Josey Topolski – Fall 2016

As a graduate student, it is important to attend conferences to broaden my scientific horizons and further my professional development. The GPSG Travel Award has helped make my attendance at the Gordon Research Conference: Gaseous Ions affordable. -Josey Topolski