University Committees

GPSG places graduate and professional students on various University committees.  These representatives serve on a volunteer basis and do not need to be Assembly Representatives.

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees below, please email the GPSG Vice President at



 University Committee

Filled By



All University Student Association (AUSA) Adam Reneker
Bloomington Faculty Council (4) Adam Reneker
Blake Forland
Kate McCormick
Collin Bjork
BFC- Diversity & Affirmative Action Committee (1) Diversity Colton Ames
BFC- Educational Policies Committee (2) Education Ambassador Collin Bjork
BFC-Benefits Committee (1) Benefits Haley MacLeod
BFC-Budgetary Affairs Committee (1) Brian Shaw
BFC-Library Committee (2) Zac Huneck
BFC-Research Affairs Committee (2) Blake Forland
Research Ambassador Joey Huang
BFC-Student Academic Appointee Affairs Committee (3) Health & Wellness/Benefits Haley MacLeod
BFC-Student Affairs Committee (1) Health & Wellness/Benefits
BFC-Technology Policies Committee (3) Blake Forland
Campus Curriculum Committee (1) Adam Reneker
Campus Sustainability Advisory Board (1) Sustainability Linus Platzer
CAPS Student Advisory Committee (1) Health & Wellness Julius Lee
Dean’s Student Advisory Board (1) Adam Reneker
Library Committee (also Commons Governance Group (6)) Zac Huneck
Graduate Faculty Council (1) Adam Reneker
Health Center Advisory Committee (1) Health & Wellness Teresa Lackey
IUB Survey Committee Adrian Paneto
Hearing Commission (1) N/A for 2016-2017  N/A for 2016-2017
IU Scholars’ Commons Planning Council (1) Adam Reneker
Patton Lecture Series (1) Matthew Heppert
Review of Dean of Students [every 5 years] (3-4) N/A for 2016-2017  N/A for 2016-2017
Review Committee: Vice Provost Enrollment Management (1)
Review Committee: Dean of the School of Optometry (1) Health & Wellness Andy Fischer
School of Public Health Dean Search Committee (1) Health & Wellness Naomi Byerley
Student Legal Services Advisory Board (2) Mauer
Student Sexual Violence Prevention Taskforce (2-3) Health & Wellness Emma Frieh
Student Sustainability Council (2) Sustainability Linus Platzer
Student Transportation Board (2) Benefits
Student Trustee Search Committee (1) Adam Reneker
Student Welfare Compliance Committee (1)
Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (1) Sustainability Linus Platzer
Union Board Search and Screen Committee (1) Adam Reneker
University Faculty Council (1) Adam Reneker
Work-Life Balance Committee (1) Health & Wellness