GPSG Resolutions

The GPSG Assembly discusses and votes on resolutions that seek to fairly represent the greater graduate student opinion on the IUB campus.

Resolutions are defined as “an official declaration approved by an Assembly vote, the core of which is a call for action directed toward GPSG, Indiana University, or any subdivision, employee, or director thereof.”

Resolution Process:

  1. Dream:

Brainstorm potential policies or initiatives that would benefit or fix current issues within the graduate and professional student community.

  1. Assessment:

Determine if GPSG is the correct forum to present desired resolution and if GPSG will have the ability to put proposed resolution into action if passed in General Assembly.

  1. Research:

Collect information on the current issue that best illustrates the need and/or desire for the proposed resolution. This will be used to help support the argument for the proposed resolution.

  1. Strategy:

Devise a step-by-step plan determining who will need to be a part of the resolution’s creation as well as what actions need to be taken in order for the resolution to be put into place.

  1. Draft:

Complete a draft of the proposed resolution using the resolution template incorporating the phrases “Whereas,” which explains the current situation of the matter at hand and why it needs to be fixed, and “Therefore,” which addresses how the resolution will fix the current situation.

  1. Submit:

Turn in proposed resolution to the GPSG Executive Committee at least two weeks before the next General Assembly for revisions, which will assure the proposed resolution includes all of the necessary elements to be presented on the General Assembly floor.

  1. Disseminate:

One week before the resolution is scheduled to be presented at General Assembly, the proposed resolution will be sent to all representatives and posted on the GPSG website, newsletter, and social media accounts.

  1. Present:

The people who created the proposed resolution will be given five minutes to present their resolution at General Assembly, followed by questions and discussion amongst representatives.

  1. Vote:

A majority of representatives must vote in favor of the proposed resolution.

  1. Follow up:

Contact the appropriate individuals or groups who should have been determined in the strategy step that will help put the resolution into action.

NOTE: GPSG’s Executive Committee is available to answer any questions or provide assistance during any and all of the resolution steps.

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