Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee (SA) was created by the GPSO Executive Committee in August 2013 to tackle matters of importance to the graduate and professional students on the IUB Campus.  As an ad-hoc committee, its existence is premised on the existence of a legitimate need, in this case improving the student experience for graduate and professional students.  SA’s focus will be on advocating for improvements to student life, as well as on improving the internal structure of the GPSO, so that it can better represent its constituents.


2013-2014 Student Affairs Committee

Debbie Machalow, chair (gpsoparl)
Maya Alkateb
Mary Christian
Ryan Conway
Rian Dawson
Hannah Dill
Emily Garl
Erin Hennessey
Emma Kriss
Loïc Lerme
Kailey Paglia
Geoffrey Ralston
Jonathan Salvati
Justin Vasel
Zachary Wilkinson


Grad House Study Hours:
Monday-Friday, 12-4pm

The GPSO Grad House study spaces include a conference room, two small offices, living room, and computer lab (PC).

Office Hours:
All officers available by appointment to

Meeting Space:
The grad house may be reserved for campus group meetings by emailing

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