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  • The Travel Award is given in both the Fall and Spring semesters, and the Research Award is given in the Spring semester of each year.
  • Serving on the Awards Committee is a one semester commitment. Please note that this committee is only active during award application cycles.
    • In the Fall semester, committee members will review Travel Award applications.
    • In the Spring semester, committee members may choose whether they want to review Travel Awards, Research Awards, or both.
  • The typical time commitment is between 2-6 hours per award. This depends on the number of applications received and the number of reviewers available. Committee members receive a set of anonymized applications and a scoring rubric, and are typically given about a week to complete the review process. Reviews will be due from reviewers about a week-and-a-half afterward each award deadline (it can take a few days to organize the applications and send them to reviewers).
  • To be eligible for this committee, you must be a graduate or professional student at Indiana University-Bloomington during the semester that you are serving on the committee. You also can not apply for an award that you are reviewing applications for.  In the Spring semester, you may review applications for one of the awards, and apply for the other.
  • The application to serve on the awards committee is not an entry into a competitive selection process; all IUB graduate and professional students are welcome to join the committee and review award applications.

Current Awards Committee

  • GPSG Awards Officer: Cory Chew