Nominations and Criteria



The judging criteria for each award track are as follows:

Track 1: Research

Category: Degree of advancement and impact of research interests
Possible points: 5
Explanation: Has the student won research-related awards or honors (grants, internal/external awards, patents, invitations to present at a conference or association)? Is the student’s research innovative, groundbreaking, or unique? Does the student’s work have positive/meaningful impact on the discipline? Will the student’s work make people think or feel differently?

Category: Success in discipline
Possible points: 5
Explanation: Does the student have experience or other accomplishments that contribute to his or her success (e.g., field experience, lab experience, publications, etc.)?

Track 2: Community Involvement

Category: Involvement in IU community
Possible points: 5
Explanation: Does the student volunteer in the IU graduate community at large and/or within his or her department? Does the student demonstrate excellence in required involvement in the IU community? Does the student have any mentorship or leadership positions within the IU community?

Category: Involvement outside of IU
Possible points: 5
Explanation: Does the student participate in voluntary activities outside of the IU community? Does he or she have any mentorship or leadership roles outside of the IU community?

Track 3: Teaching

Category: Instructor effectiveness
Possible points: 5
Explanation: Is the student a successful associate instructor? Do faculty and/or students respond positively to the student’s teaching abilities? Do students exceed expectations in the class the student teaches?

Category: Teaching methods
Possible points: 5
Does the student use innovative or otherwise effective teaching methods? Does the student recognize when his or her students are failing to comprehend the material, then adjust his or her methods to increase comprehension?



To submit a nomination, please complete our online form.   Nominations will only be accepted from IU faculty and staff or GPSO Representatives.  Please contact your department’s representative to start the nomination process for a fellow student.

The spring 2014 nomination deadline is 11:59pm on Monday, April 28.


Spotlights and Winners

Nominees will be featured biweekly in the GPSO e-newsletter and on our Facebook page, and the Executive Committee will select and announce a winner during finals week of each semester.


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