Adult Students

The IU homepage for Adult Student Resources provides links to campus resources, adult student blogs, networking and community events, and much more.  All aspects of the organization with the exception of funding opportunities are open to graduate students as well as undergraduates.


To join the ASR Oncourse group site, email Director Angie Gast.  This site allows adult students to connect, discuss, and share events and activities.


Check out the ASR website for more information!

ASR recognizes that not all students take the “traditional” route of entering college right out of high school and then graduating four years later.  Many instead have gaps in their education due to a variety of circumstances and are now ready to begin or return to their education.  ASR is here to connect returning adult students with the resources they may need to be successful and to help create a social support network among peers.

Whether you are working full-time, caring for dependents, or balancing multiple roles and responsibilities while also attending classes at IUB, your unique needs and challenges are important to ASR and our programming is aimed to help support you.