2012-2013 Health Plans

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Premium Coverage

Student Spouse Children
Annual Premiums $180.00 $277.00 $415.00
Fall Premiums $68.00 $105.00 $158.00
Spring and Summer $112.00 $172.00 $257.00

Premiums for qualifying SAAs and Fellowship Recipients are fully paid by the University or external granting agency. No Enrollment Form is required for the Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan for SAAs and Fellowship Recipients.


2012-2013 Mandatory Student Health Plan

Aetna Student Health will continue as our provider for 2012-2013.

Beginning 8/15/08, the Mandatory Student Health Plan will include dental coverage. In addition, all insured persons who have been continuously insured under the university’s regular student policy for a at least six consecutive months and who are no longer eligible under the mandatory plan, are eligible to continue their coverage at a higher premium rate for up to 7.5 months under the university’s policy currently in effect. This will be advantageous for those students who leave campus for the spring semester and will be returning the following fall semester.

Student academic appointees (SAA) appointed at 37.5% FTE or above per semester or are fellowship recipients with an award of $3,328 or more per semester will be automatically enrolled in the SAA health insurance plan. There is no out-of-pocket cost to the student for plan premiums.

An option to waive the mandatory plan is availale for those students who have comparable coverage and do not wish to coordinate two separate insurance plans. A waiver form must be completed for each semester the student wants to waive out.

Download a waiver form, which must be filed with the Office of Academic Personnel by these deadlines:

  • Fall Waiver, September 30, 2012
  • Spring Waiver, January 31, 2013

Dependent coverage is available for a spouse, same sex partner, or children. It is the responsibility of the student to complete enrollment for dependents by September 15, 2010.

Negotiated rates and plan highlights for the 2012-2013 academic year:

  • Expanded birth control coverage. Birth control may now be dispensed from any in-network pharmacy, including the IU Health Center, with no deductible or co-payments required.
  • Continuation Coverage is available for 6 months. For those students who no longer meet eligibility requirements at the end of the fall semester (12/31/12), continuation coverage is available for 7.5 months which will provide coverage until the next open enrollment period.
  • Student Aggregate Maximum $350,000 per condition/ Dependent Aggregate Maximum $200,000 per policy year (Up from $250,000 / $200,000)
  • Annual deductible $500 per person at preferred providers (waived at Health Center) and $1,000 per person at non-preferred providers
  • Physician Office Visit co-payment $25
  • Prescription drugs: $10 generic copay, $30 brand name formulary copay, $50 brand name non-formulary copay

SAA/Fellowship Premiums AY 2011/2012
(student premium subsidized 100% by Indiana University)

(Includes Dental)
Domestic Partner
Domestic Partner
(with Dental)
Child(ren) Child(ren)
(with Dental)
$2340.00 $5861.00 $6138.00 $4446.00 $4861.00
$904.00 $2263.00 $2368.00 $1717.00 $1875.00
Spring and Summer $1436.00 $3598.00 $3770.00 $2729.00 $2986.00

2012-2013 Voluntary Student Health Plan

Dental Insurance Updates

One of the newest highlights of the SAA health insurance is the availability of dental coverage.

Premium Coverage

Student Spouse Children
Annual Premiums $180.00 $277.00 $415.00
Fall Premiums $68.00 $105.00 $158.00
Spring and Summer $112.00 $172.00 $257.00

International Students

International students and scholars at Indiana University are required to have health insurance. As an international student, you are automatically enrolled in IU’s mandatory plan plan when you register. If you have any questions about your coverage, contact the Student Insurance Office in the Poplars Building, Room E165, Tel: 856-4650; studenhc@indiana.edu.

If you choose a non-university plan, a waiver request must be submitted by the tenth day after classes begin, to the Office of International Services.

However, your non-university insurance must comply with the following requirements: $100,000 minimum benefit ($250,000 is recommended) OR $50,000 coverage per accident (must include maternity benefits), $50,000 coverage per illness, $10,000 coverage for medical evacuation, $7,500 coverage for repatriation, deductible of not more than $500, co-insurance of not more than 25%, coverage.

The following companies offer insurance plans specifically for international students and scholars. Choosing a plan other than the university plan is an independent contract between you and the company.

(Suggestions below have been reviewed for compliance with federal and university regulations. They are provided as resources only. IU is not affiliated with and does not endorse any company listed. The list is to assist students in locating resources other than the IU plan that meet minimum requirements. Additional companies can be found on the NAFSA: Association of International Educators webpage)

You must provide proof of insurance that is in effect from your arrival date in the US or by the first day of classes. You are required to be covered during the academic year, and if you remain in the US during the summer term you must be covered by insurance during that period.

International students with questions or concerns regarding insurance, please contact the Office of International Services at (812) 855-9086 or by email at intlserv@indiana.edu.


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