Renting in Bloomington

Bloomington can feel like a landlord’s town, but a lot of nice living options are available. Start looking early and keep the following information in mind; we know you’ll find a great place to live.

GPSG Housing Board!

Looking for a home in Bloomington? Need a roommate? Advertise and search here!

What Should I pay for rent?

Bloomington has a wide range of rental options, but typically properties near campus can rent anywhere from $250-600 per person in an apartment or home with multiple bedrooms or $600-$900 for a studio or single unit. 

Is Bloomington Pet-Friendly?

Bloomington is a very pet friendly city! Most apartment complexes allow 1-2 pets, with a nominal pet deposit or fee. Also, check out all the restaurants and attractions which allow pets here! 

Renter’s Insurance

Are you prepared to replace your entire wardrobe in case a fire damages your apartment? What about your furniture and appliances? Renter’s insurance is VERY affordable (less or around about $100 a year), and well worth the low cost for those of us who cannot afford to replace our belongings in case of a fire or robbery. Call any local insurance company for more information and price quotes.

Click here for a Renter’s Insurance Guide


IU Sponsored and Campus HousingIU Real Estate

IU Real Estate rents properties designated for only IU graduate students, staff and faculty. These tend to be in better shape than their properties for undergrads and closer to campus than many other realtors. Also, renting from IU means your rent is charged to your bursar bill each month (which you can pay online) and IU maintenance is only a phone call away.

Cribspot – Official IUSA Off-Campus Guide

IUSA has compiled off-campus rentals available in Bloomington.  Check out their website! 

Residential Programs and Services (RPS)

You may also want to live on-campus in an IU-owned apartment. These aren’t the nicest or largest places to live, but they’re reliable, close to campus and fairly affordable. For details on apartments, as opposed to residence halls, see their Apartment Housing Guide. [Link] 

Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs Housing Board

Assists academic appointees with temporary housing needs, especially visitors, new appointees, and those taking leaves of absence. [Link] 

Other Search Engines

Still not finding what you’re looking for?  Try these resources, as well:


Disclaimer: Housing information is provided as a service to the community by the IU-Bloomington Graduate Student Government. The GPSG assumes no liability for the contents of any ad, or the replies to any ad; all such liability rests with the advertiser and/or the respondent.