What is the University Graduate School

at Indiana University?

The University Graduate School comprises Indiana University faculty from many disciplines on all Indiana University campuses who jointly support a set of common goals, common standards, and best practices that apply to graduate programs in all disciplines. As an advocate for excellence in graduate education, the mission of the University Graduate School is to facilitate the attainment of the goals of its faculty, uphold the standards set by its faculty, and to identify and promote best practices.

In accomplishing this mission, the University Graduate School values excellence, integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and inclusiveness in all that it does. These values are central to the schoolís role in encouraging a creative environment for scholarship, research, teaching, and learning. The University Graduate School is a recognized leader in developing new concepts and best practices for graduate education. It assists departments in recruiting, supporting, retaining, and graduating outstanding scholars. Through its connections with national higher education organizations, it serves as a resource in forging the future directions of graduate education.

The University Graduate School administers graduate programs on six campuses of Indiana University. Members of the University Graduate School faculty ultimately determine standards of admission, set the general requirements for degrees, pass upon the specific requirements of programs, approve courses for graduate credit, and certify candidates for degrees. These functions are executed by the Graduate Council and the dean and administrative staff. More specifically, the University Graduate School faculty serve on advisory and research committees for doctoral students, direct masterís theses and doctoral dissertations, and elect members of the Graduate Council./p>

The Graduate Council, which represents faculty in all academic units, meets monthly during the academic year. In addition to the functions delegated to it by the faculty of the University Graduate School, it serves as an executive advisory body to the dean and administrative staff on policy matters. It receives the reports of the schoolís standing faculty committees; it acts upon recommendations for changes in admission, the curriculum, degree requirements, and procedures for the administration of student programs; it receives and acts upon the recommendations of ad hoc committees appointed by the dean; it gives advice on ways to improve the quality of graduate work; and it seeks ways to coordinate the programs of the University Graduate School with other graduate programs in the university.

In addition, the deans and staff of the University Graduate School monitor indicators of the quality of individual graduate programs, and (through the recorders) the quality of masterís and doctoral degrees granted. A variety of fellowship and recruiting programs are designed to attract outstanding students. Preparing Future Faculty and mentoring programs, both within the departments and centralized in the University Graduate School, ensure that these students are integrated into their academic programs and prepared for the full range of professional responsibilities they will encounter in their careers..

Visit the University Graduate School at graduate.indiana.edu.